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You Can Virtually Explore Ducati, BMW, and Harley-Davidson Museums

motorcycle museums virtual tour

Take in an Eyeful of Awesome Bikes

Google Maps is pretty cool. Much of the world can be seen via the Street View mode. This gives you a clear look at a specific place like you were there. Most of the time you can’t actually go inside places in this mode, but you can check out the Ducati, BMW, and Harley-Davidson museums, according to MoreBikes.

Ducati and Harley-Davidson will let you virtually travel through the whole museum this way. I’ve always found Google Map’s Street View to not have the best controls and be a little cumbersome, but I do have to say this is really cool to be able to go through these museums this way. BMW’s museum in Munich will only let you see special “points of interest,” but it’s still pretty neat. 

So, while you’re sitting on your couch being bored and thinking about all the great places you’re going to visit on your next motorcycle trip, why not do a virtual tour of one or all of these facilities? It’s not the same as actually being there, but it can be a good way to stay entertained and learn something while you’re stuck at home.