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Yamaha Gear Lovers Edition – Yamaha Boy

There are days when a guy just has to give in and say, “Okay okay, I am in a relationship, I actually do like her and I should at least some of the times do what my sweetheart wants me to do.”

That is on the inside of course, on the outside it is probably, “grunt… ugh. Me want meat.

What I am saying is that when you are the two wheels of a motorcycle you gotta give and get and at times you have to match. In this particular article (and its paired “Yamaha Girl” article) we are going to explore what you — a badass — can do to make your girl less annoyed with you: Yamaha-Style.

So save that cash for some valentine’s day riding on a snowmobile or simply a fireside dinner out in the snowy forest. The imagination is yours, I am just supplying some ideas. The key here is cold weather romance. So here comes the gear with fashion tips for Tarzan the Ape-man.

The Legs

Always start with getting a pair of pants. You always need them and this particular pair is stylin’. They are breathable, moisture-wicking and name-taking comfortable. Also highly abrasion resistant. A real badass lover pair.

Yamaha Men’s Inferno Mid-Layer Pants$97.90 + Free Shipping

The Torso

So for you upper body you have a sweet set of T-Shirt, Sweatshirt and a Jacket. The Tee is a slick dark shirt with the triple tuning-fork logo and Yamaha on the side. Once you have that on you put on the dark fleece hoodie with the same logo, tuning-forks and all. And moreover it has a bit of riveting in the front pocket-thing giving it the masculine edge it needs.

Factory Effex ‘YAMAHA’ Tuning Fork T-Shirt $24.21 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35 

Finally the Winter Sports Jacket.

This looks like it stepped off a MotoGP racetrack looking for a new owner to bond to. It screams macho and fashion-conscious. It has a stylized black and white design with Yamaha in the center. It has a reflective elements for safety as well as protectors in shoulder, elbow and back areas. This like the pants also has the winter wonderland style going for it. And the layering of this along with the other items keeps you warm when riding the ice-beast.

Effex ‘YAMAHA’ Team Pullover Sweatshirt$49.07 & FREE Shipping

Yamaha YAF29 Black White Winter Sports Style Jacket$415.00 + $4.49 shipping

The Head & Hands

For protecting your head while riding or just keeping it a little warm when not you have the Helmet and the Hat. You can’t and don’t really want to walk into a resort or a bar with the helmet on; it would look silly and people may think you are an alien or something. Take me to your Litre (or Pint). So you can swap the helmet for the snazzy cap with the blue trim and huge tuning-fork logo.

So let’s look at the helmet. This is a frickin’ monster ideal for snowmobiles. Five intake vents around the mouth-piece and above the brow. And six exhausts going around from bottom to top and front to back. A lot of ventilation to keep you cool. There is a rubber wind guard to protect against the icy north. It is light-weight with removable lining and cheek guards.

The helmet is nice and sweet but you don’t want your nose to fall off or eyes to turn into eyes-cubes (ba dum dum). You want the goggles the helmets are paired with. They form a solid seal and keep you protected from the cold winds. Both the goggles and helmet have the Stormtrooper (well more accurately the Snowtrooper… I’m a nerd) deal going on for them adding to the overall white and black parts of the outfit. These bring more white to the mix. Note that the lens doesn’t protect you from UV so glare is something you should be aware of.

Before heading into the accessories, we have the gloves to keep your wittle fingers all nice and cozy. The tech specs will say “neoprene, clarino, lycra” and other blah blah. But the bottom line is they are comfortable and will keep you warm; also they have the stylish black with blue trim design (it’s all adding up) and seal tight on your wrists with straps. There is also a tiny rubber-molded tuning-fork logo on them (thought we forgot about that did you?).

Factory Effex Yamaha Fork Flex-Fit Hat$23.55 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Yamaha Evolution Helmet by 509 (White) by Yamaha OEM.  $163.55 + $15.50 shipping

YH-18 Summer Goggles with Clear Lens$24.22 & FREE Shipping on orders over $35

Yamaha Full Finger Glove OEM $33.18 & FREE Shipping

The Accessories

The last bit is to add some flair to your outfit. There is the tuning-fork patch if you feel you didn’t have enough tuning-forks. You can put it on your pants or jacket or wherever you like. And because you are not living in pre-Y2K era there is an iPhone case officially from Yamaha. Don’t have a smartphone? Dude! Get with it, man. Tech is sweet. Also good for safety, maps, information, etc., etc., etc.Finally the big daddy of accessories: the watch. Blue rubber loop, stainless steel, carbon-fiber dial and glowing hands (jazz fingers). Looks stylish and fits with the motif. Also this little monster has chronographs and tachymeter along the rim.

2 Pcs. White on Black Yamaha Racing Team Motorcycle Biker Patch$10.99 & FREE Shipping

Jorge Lorenzo 99 Yamaha M1 Moto GP iPhone 5 5S Case Official 2015$47.00 & FREE Shipping 

Steel Yamaha Factory Chronograph Racing Blue Silicone Mens Watch$599.99 + Free Shipping 

Gear-up Complete

So what do we have in the end? We have a stylish blue, black and white motif that screams Yamaha designed to be used on snowmobiles for winter riding. And further, there is a similar guide for your SO so that the two of you can match like the pair of lovebirds you are you big badass you. Seriously, gents, this is a nice stylish set so check it out and enjoy.

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