Yamaha Europe: A ‘Free Spirits’ Campaign For The XSR125

A side view of the Yamaha XZR125 motorcycle
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Yamaha has started a campaign meant to share stories and experiences that are close to home with bike lovers country-wide – and the bike of choice is none other than the entry-friendly XSR125

Word is still out on whether Yamaha will ever bring this bike stateside…with the American market taking full advantage of wee fun pokers like the Honda Monkey, Yamaha’s XSR125 could be good competition for the U.S. small-displacement showroom. 

Despite being an A1-compliant machine, It’s even got more accessory options than the XSR700, including a little half-fairing that has the XSR125 looking like a mini Speed Triple RR. 

A side view of the Yamaha XZR125 motorcycle

We dig it, it’s a neat model, and it has a large following in the UK – so in commemoration of all of this, Yamaha’s ‘Free Spirits’ Campaign includes a partnership with none other than global water sports superstar Nikolas Plytas, a world-class athlete who has been gifted his own XZR125. 

“Plytas’ XSR125 has been tastefully modded to look like a beach-ready roadster, complete with a surfboard rack, and storage compartment, and of course, rugged, scrambler-style aesthetics,” comments the report. 

A side view of the Yamaha XZR125 motorcycle

“Yamaha seeks to tap more ambassadors across Europe, with the intention of modding the XSR125 to suit each individual’s lifestyle. The campaign is set to cover Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, and Portugal.”

We look forward to seeing the results of this campaign; in the meantime, check out other recent articles from our archives, and as always  stay safe on the twisties.

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