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Women’s Twista Draggin’ Jeans review

Draggin’ Jeans new Twista pants not only look cool, but my wife reckons they also feel cool. They are a skinny design in stretch denim and they have no seams on the outside so it avoids the “panel” look of most Kevlar-lined jeans. So they definitely look cool.

But a lot of Kevlar jeans don’t feel cool. First generation Kevlar linings were hot and prickly. Today’s “Next Gen” lining is a lot smoother and less prickly. It’s a knitted blend of military grade Kevlar and Dyneema which is a lightweight, high-strength, oriented-strand gel spun through a spinneret. It’s also the world’s strongest fibre.

Draggin’ Jeans are the only manufacturers with CE-approved jeans and they guarantee the jeans will withstand a minimum of 4.4 seconds sliding down the road. However, the protective material still doesn’t breathe too well. So Draggin’ Jeans has added a silky, perforated, breathable “sport” liner. It prevents the Kevlar clinging to your legs, it wicks away sweat and it prevents what is referred to as “Kevlar burns” which is a friction burn you can get in a crash, much like carpet burns.

While the protective Kevlar/Dyneema lining is in the impact areas of the seat of the pants and down the front past the knees, the silky black lining covers the entire interior of the jeans. The lining also has pockets for armour in the knees. Although Twista jeans are fashionably “skinny”, they are made of an elastic material and my wife tells me they’re very comfortable. The jeans have six, wide belt loops and four fashionably small pockets. It’s not a good idea to carry bulky objects in your pockets, anyway, as they can increase abrasion wear and injury if you do happen to have a fall.

So now it’s possible to not only look fashionable and feel protected but also to feel comfortable and cool.