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Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant

Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant

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Review Summary
Manufacturer’s Information
Category:  Paint sealant
Manufacturer: Wizards Products
Type: Squeeze bottle, 12 oz. (355 ml)
Retail Price: $16.45
Made In: U.S.A.
Claims – “Bonds to Paint; Tight Micro Seal; Super Acrylic Gloss; Tougher Than Wax.  Durable paint sealant, engineered to bond to paint with a tight ‘micro sealing’ process.”
For Use On – “Safe and recommended for clear coat, stripes and decals, fiberglass, Lexan, Plexiglas and other non-porous surfaces.”
Claimed Features – “Protects from hard water spotting, acid rain, factory fallout, road contaminants and sun fading.”

Our Opinions

We were so-so on Wizards Shine Master until we followed it up with Wizards Supreme Seal.  The product goes on smoothly and easily.  We didn’t spend much time rubbing it in; just coated the Shine Master treated surface and let it dry to a haze.

Supreme Seal buffs out very quickly and with little effort; we use a microfiber cloth.  The results are excellent, in our opinion; the finish is very glossy and the combination of Shine Master and Supreme Seal does seem to fill and reduce the spider web scratches.

After the dual treatment, the surface seems to have a plastic-like feel with a very high gloss; so smooth and plasticky that it almost feels greasy but isn’t.

It’s definitely noticeable on the black paint of the Ducati Multistrada 620, which bounced around a couple of dealerships before it came to the webBikeWorld garage as a new leftover.  Its finish was in good shape but with many spider web scratches, probably from being dusted off a few too many times.

The dual treatment filled most of the fine scratches and left a gloss that, I’d guess, is better than it’s had since it left the factory.


When used as directed in conjunction with Wizards Shine Master, Wizards Supreme Seal provides a smooth and glossy “plasticky” feeling coat.

We’ve used the Shine Master/Supreme Seal combo on 3 bikes and one custom car and the results are outstanding.

So far, we think the products perform as well as the Glare Spider swirl remover and Glare Professional Polish, but with slightly less effort.

Score: 5 out of 5 when used with Wizards Shine Master

Review Date:  October 2007

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