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Wizards Products Motorcycle Polish

Wizards Products Motorcycle Polish

Review Summary

The combination of Wizards Shine Master and Wizards Paint Sealant produced a shine and protective coating equivalent to the best motorcycle waxes and polishes we’ve tried.

“Wizards Products” wasn’t the first name that came to mind when we were thinking about a list of manufacturers who specialize in motorcycle wax, polish and cleaners.

But hey — what do we know?  We’ve only reviewed about 75+ different products that can be used to keep a motorcycle clean, shiny and looking good.

Truth be told, we’re pretty jaded when it comes to this stuff.  Most of the manufacturer’s claims are way overstated and many of the “boutique” products cost way too much and provide no better results than many commercial formulas found on the shelves of the local Big Box Mart.

So we’ve been pretty judicious when it comes to trying a new concoction.  But when more than a few webBikeWorld visitors suggested we take a look at Wizards Products, uh, products, we took notice.

We ordered up a mixed batch, consisting of Wizards Shine Master Polish & SealantWizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant from the paint polish department and some Wizards Metal RenewWizards Power Seal and Wizards Metal Polish (treated cotton wadding) for the metal bits.  We topped off the order with some Wizards Black Renew, a black plastic trim cleaner and a bottle of Wizards Mist-N-Shine for those quick detailing jobs.

Wizards Products actually makes several more specialized formulations for cleaning and polishing, and many of them are labeled for use on motorcycles.

And guess what?  We’re impressed!  We’ve finally found a true competitor to our all-time favorite, Glare Professional Polish.  The combination of Glare Spider swirl remover and Glare Professional Polish has consistently given us the best shine and protection of any motorcycle wax or polish we’ve tried, and it’s become our benchmark for comparisons, so finding an equivalent is pretty impressive.

In our opinion, the combination of Wizards Shine Master and Wizards Supreme Seal Paint Sealant yields an outstanding shine on most painted surfaces, with a coating that feels like the metal is wrapped in a very shiny plastic.  And here’s a bonus: the combination also seems to reduce spider web scratches, the bane of vehicle paint and clear coat finishes.

It also seems to do this with slightly less muscle power than the Glare Spider and Professional Polish combo.  We’ve tried the Wizards products on three different bikes and also on a car with a beautiful custom paint and clear coat finish that had developed some fine spider web scratches.

We estimate that on the surfaces we treated, about 85% of the fine spider web scratches have disappeared, leaving only the deeper scratches that would probably only be removed with some serious professional power buffing.

Note that an evaluation of motorcycle wax, polish or cleaners is very subjective; it’s impossible for us and just about anyone else to conduct “scientific” testing to truly compare these products, so you’ll read some pretty squishy words to describe how these products work.

Also, we’ve pretty much given up on trying to photograph before/after results of these products, because it’s nearly impossible to capture an image that shows the true differences.  Instead, we’ll provide a description of each of the Wizards Products (they don’t use an apostrophe) polishes we’ve tried and our impressions.

Rick’s Note:  “Odor Aware” Francine Fishpaw types take note!  Shine Master has a strong “fruity” aroma that I find overwhelming.  After we treated two motorcycles and a car in an open garage, my eyes were burning and continued to bother me for about 24 hours.

I’ve since become very sensitive to the aroma of Shine Master and Supreme Seal (which has a very strong “grape” and “fruity” aroma.  I had to remove the clothes I was wearing and put them in the wash to get away from the smell.  I’m normally not allergic, but I am slightly sensitive to perfume and other smells.  I sure wish they’d lower the intensity of the smell in their products.

Our Eminently Subjective Ratings: 1 = Don’t bother; 2 = Limited usefulness; 3 = Works as advertised; 4 = Very good; 5 = Excellent, best in class.