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Will Royal Enfield Build a 650 Scrambler Next?

Royal Enfield Scrambler
Custom By K-Speed, Image from Gaadi Waadi

Rumors are Swirling

Some custom shops have taken the killer Royal Enfield 650 twins and turned them into scrambler motorcycles. This makes perfect sense. The bike is already well-equipped for it, and it would just take some tweaking. With this in mind and with some new information from Gaadi Waadi, it seems that Royal Enfield is seriously considering a scrambler project next. 

This is great news, and it hits the market in one of the spots that people seem to love right now. Scramblers are hot and big sellers for Ducati, Triumph, and other bike manufacturers. Royal Enfield is smart to make the scrambler thing happen with the 650cc platform. 

The current INT650 and Continental GT both sell really well, and are good motorcycles. I reported not long ago that Royal Enfield would be expanding its lineup, and it’s cool to hear that things might go this way. There have also been reports of a larger Himalayan and some other possibilities. The company should do those other designs too, but a scrambler 650 seems like low-hanging fruit.

The INT650 could become a good scrambler with minimal modifications. Put some different bars, a new exhaust, new suspension, and new tires and you have your motorcycle. It will be interesting to see what Royal Enfield chooses to do here.