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Wheelie game as cops attack real wheelie

Wheelie game Wheelie King 3D

A new computer wheelie game encouraging riders to perform long wheelies comes as a Kiwi rider has caused outrage after posting YouTube footage of him performing a claimed world-first wheelie across the 1km span of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge on a Harley.

The video is now no longer available.

However, it showed the mystery Harley rider wobbling across a couple of lanes as his mates filmed him from a vehicle alongside.

Waitemata Police Sergeant Richard Byrne says the dangerous stunt could have had “fatal consequences” and showed a “complete lack of regard for their own safety and the safety of others”.

There is no word on whether they have been able to track down the rider to issue a fine.

Check here for a free spin.

Police probe Facebook stunt riders.

Wheelie game

Wheelie game Wheelie King 3D
Screen shot from Wheelie King 3D game

Meanwhile, Kimmo Halonen, aged 31, of Finland has launched a mobile game on iOS and Android called Wheelie King 3D which encourages riders to do the longest wheelie possible.

“I have been riding about 10 years,” he says.

“First I started with a Suzuki PV 50cc, but it was boring for shortly. So I installed 80cc power+ cylinder.

“My first big bike was my cousin’s old Yamaha FZR600. After that I got many 750cc Suzuki GSXRS. First big bike 1000cc was Yamaha R1 98. It was my first bike that I crashed on doing wheelie.

Wheelie game Wheelie King 3D
Kimmo Halonen shows his skills

“But it was very good training for my stunt skills. I learned how to do wheelies and nowadays i can successfully wheelie as long as i want with 1000cc.

“To wheelie long way you just need good angle. 

“Usually people think their angle is enough, but it’s not (about 40degree) but you need +90 degree.”

  1. Police always like to toss in the danger to themselves and others line
    But it’s a bit of a joke that only the gullible non riders will believe.
    You can die from slipping on a banana peel so just walking down the street is dangerous
    Where the real danger comes from is if the rider falls and drivers panic and do the wrong thing but I have yet to hear of innocent bystanders being killed by a wheelieing motorcycle but hundreds of people are killed and injured by wheels flying off trucks.

    1. Really Al? “There’s only danger (from a wheelie) if rider or someone else makes a mistake”… people make mistakes all the time. Every damn day.
      Versus “hundreds of people killed by wheels flying off trucks”? I don’t believe you. I reckon you made those numbers up. Official stats from the Australian Government say that mechanical failure is involved in less than 1% of crashes.

  2. People have always done risky things. Wheelies existed before computer games, and games with wheelies existed long before this. Hundreds of millions of people play shooter or fighting games daily, but 99.99% don’t attack anyone. There is zero connection between this game, and the actions in the youtube video. It’s misleading to even mention them in the same article.

  3. I don’t know what the stats are but i have witnessed 1 wheelie accident on the road back in the late 70’s a H2 750 wheelied into the back of VW bug, i have however witnessed 4 accidents with wheels parting company with trucks! Just saying thats all. However I do not condone wheelies on roads being used by the general public.

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