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Wee Willy Helmet Visor Cleaning System

Wee Willy Review

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Motorcyclists come in every shape and size.

And like fingerprints, no two bikes are ever the same; every owner wants to be just a bit different than the next.

But, there is one single universal issue that all motorcyclists have in common — bugs!

Even if you’re sitting behind a barn door fairing on a Gold Wing, eventually you’re going to get splattered.

And the Universal Principle that governs the kingdom of winged insects and their interactions with human beings states incontrovertibly that YOU will be the victim and the bug will splatter exactly where it most disrupts your vision!

Now, if this happens when you’re about 100 feet from your driveway, it’s not a problem.

But the Principle has a corollary that states that it will happen when you’re about 1/3 of the way to your destination, so that you have to put up with insect remains right in your line of sight for the rest of the trip.

And, as we all know, the worst thing you can do is to try and wipe off the mess with your gloved hand. Eeeeeeeew!!

Well, you can’t change the Universal Principles of the Kingdom of Insects. But you can maintain a defense against insect goo and road grime with the “Wee Willy Professional Faceshield Cleaning System”. And hey, aren’t we all professionals?

I learned a long time ago not to touch my visor to wipe anything off while I’m on the road. It always seems to make matters worse. So I suffer through the grime until I get home, and then when my wife isn’t looking, I wash off the helmet and the visor in the kitchen sink.

I normally just use water and my fingertips, with maybe a tiny drop of dishwashing liquid, but this seems to build up a film on the visor after a while. I’ve been told never to use paper towels on a visor, but hey, they’re usually the handiest things available to dry off the water, no?

The way I see it, we spend thousands of dollars on our motorcycles and all the custom accessories we seem to need for them; hundreds more on proper riding clothing, boots and gloves; then a few hundred more on a fancy race replica helmet. But we end up scrounging around under the kitchen sink to find ways to clean what is arguably one of the most important parts of our kit — our visor, which is our window to the world.

So why not spend a few bucks on a visor cleaning system that is designed specifically for the task?

Wee Willy Visor Cleaning System

The Wee Willy “system” is the way to go. The more I use it, the more I realize it really is a “professional” cleaning system that had to have been designed by a fellow biker.

Everything you need fits into a little 5″ by 3.5″ pouch that is, like everything in the system, well thought out and designed specifically for motorcyclists. There’s a little spray bottle that contains the cleaning fluid; and it has a sponge attached to one side and a miniature squeegee on the other. The bottle is designed not to leak. The system also contains a special cleaning cloth that does a nice job of polishing the visor.

The whole kit can fit under the seat of any motorcycle, or it can be carried in the smallest of pockets. This is extremely handy when you’re on the road. Although you obviously should never try to clean your visor while you’re riding, you can easily pull off in a safe spot and in a few minutes your ‘shield can be looking as good as new.

Wee Willy motorcycle visor cleaning system

One thing’s for certain — if you’re a long-distance rider, you need the Wee Willy system to maintain your visor while you’re on the road.

The Wee Willy can easily become one of those things you don’t know how you lived without…

The system is easy to use — spray the special cleaning fluid on your visor; let it sit for a moment, then wipe it using the sponge to remove the bugs and grime. Then use the specially designed squeegee to clean away the fluid.

You can then use the cleaning cloth to clean up any remaining liquid and to polish up the visor. I find that the cloth somehow adds a shine that really makes the visor look like new.

As a bonus, the fluid can be sprayed on the inside of the visor and wiped off to leave an anti-fog coating.

The complete system includes the specially designed spray bottle with the sponge and squeegee; 3 oz. of cleaning fluid and the specially designed polishing cloth. You get a replenishment kit with 2 oz. of cleaning fluid and another polishing cloth, and you can purchase the replenishment kit separately.

The kit also includes instructions, and it’s even covered by a one year limited warranty!

The Wee Willy system has a dedicated website that’s easy to use and you can place an order online. Note: Yes, Wee Willy is still in business.

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