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Watch: Why a helmet camera is useful


Here’s a good reason riders should wear a helmet camera or at least hit a camera to their bike.

This London rider filmed a truck driver turning a corner, not seeing him and running over his beautiful Ducati Monster.

Full credit to the rider for keeping his cool, stepping of the bike and not blowing his stack with the driver. Let’s hope insurance covered him.

The truck driver says he didn’t see the rider while turning, but it’s quite obvious that the rider was clearly visible and the driver was concentrating on not hitting the other side of the road, rather than worrying about whether any motorists are in the street he was turning into.

helmet camera
Dead Duc

It was nice to see the old lady who witnessed the incident gives the driver an earful, she gives the rider a nice hug.

The rider says at the end of the video: “Something tells me I’m not going to be able to ride that home.”

Despite losing his bike and his close shave with death, the rider seemingly felt no ill will towards the lorry driver.

He writes in the video’s description: “Finally the shock is kicking in…I realise how lucky I am to be in one piece today! I uploaded this video with the hope it will raise awareness of how dangerous the roads can be and how we all need to keep in mind hazards like blind spots! There are lessons for all of us here going forward! Please stay safe out there folks!”

It;s certainly a good lesson in videoing your ride for insurance purposes.

Meanwhile, police in some Australian states are still fining riders for wearing cameras on their helmets, while police in most states wear helmet-mounted cameras themselves!


  1. 10/10 for the old lady and bonus points for the hug. She was pushing a stroller at the time. If she would have been where the bike was when he got hit – the child in the stroller would have been dead!

  2. Close call……. but 2 things stand out to me.
    As I drive large vehicles for a living and bikes for fun, I can see both views of this near tragic scene.
    1 – Look closely at the truckdriver as he is turning in – thats right, you can’t see him and he would not have seen the motorcycle.
    Trucks are fitted with some of the largest rear view mirrors imaginable and positioned in a place that gives optimum vision backwards.
    These mirrors also cause blind spots, this is something we have been complaining about for years.
    The facts being that the vehicle was too big to take the turn in his own lane and the positioning of the mirror made for a constantly moving blind spot, he would have seen a car coming towards him but the bike was always in that blind spot.
    I’m not defending him, just stating an observation…
    2 – Why did old mate on the bike look away to his right as he was heading along insread of watching the already turning truck, by the time he looked forward again it was too late to do anything….
    I dont know what you would call it, instinct maybe, but when your approaching a busy intersection your attention is directed to there, maybe old mate could have taken evasive action if he had have paid more attention….. or maybe not……
    The most important thing is that he was able to walk away from it in one piece, with all the evidence intact.
    What a lovely old lady, but I thought it would have made for a better ending if instead of giving old mate a hug, she pulled out a baseball bat and gave the truckie what for…. no?
    Stay safe….

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