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Watch as Volvo driver blasts by rider


This video of a Volvo driver blasting through a rider’s buffer zone to undertake traffic on a multi-lane road is a good example of how frustrated motorists are a danger to riders.

Canberra rider Alistaire was riding home on his 2018 Yamaha MT-07, on Gungahlin Drive, when the incident happened.

The video shows he is doing a responsible and cautious job of owning his lane yet leaving a buffer from the right lane, keeping a safe distance from vehicles in front and frequently checking his mirrors.

But no amount of defensive riding could have prepared him for the Volvo driver’s tailgating and dangerous undertaking manoeuvre.

It was probably caused by the driver’s frustration with discourteous right-lane traffic that didn’t move to the left.

Volvo incident

“The Volvo came up very fast in the right lane behind the red hatchback,” Alistaire says.

“The right lane started to slow down and then he came in behind me quite close as seen in the rear vision mirror.

“We were in an 80km/h zone in traffic but it was flowing quite well.

“I slowed after the Volvo came in behind me because the red hatchback also put their indicator on to merge but I guess I was too close for them to do so.

“The Volvo dropped back a little and came past in the right hand lane when there was a gap but he left it a bit late in my opinion and had to cut in front of me very close.

“I didn’t see any indicator on the Volvo when he passed and actually thought he would stay in the right lane because the gap between myself and the green car was closing as the traffic sped back up to 80km/h.”

Alistaire’s Yamaha

Alistaire was lucky he was not knocked off the road.

The dangerous passing manoeuvre was to no avail, anyway, as Alistaire caught up with the Volvo at the next set of red lights.

It could have escalated into road rage, but Alistaire kept a cool head.

“We exchanged some dirty looks, but nothing else,” he says.

“I thought his driving was really aggressive, especially considering the time of day and traffic flow.”

Cautious rider

Alistaire says he is “a little hesitant” on a motorbike these days as he wrote off his 2014 Ducati Monster 659 in November and needed surgery on a badly broken wrist.

“So I tend to stick to the left lane and keep a decent gap to the vehicle in front,” he says.

“I am not saying I am a perfect rider but his driving was unnecessary and dangerous.”

  1. A dangerous maneuver promoted by frustration of vehicles not keeping left…… you seriously wonder what planet both type of these drivers are from.
    I do admit to using the space like the Volvo on a motorbike to negotiate those from another planet.

  2. Drove a truck in the ACT years ago…used to have this done to me all the time, usually coming
    up to lights and then they hit the brakes. Darwinism at work..Amazingly Sydney was good in comparison..Typical public servants i guess

  3. Oh come on, we see that every day, if i posted a video of stuff like that every time i saw it, i would not have time for work.
    I have front and rear video cameras mounted on bike, the legal way, just to cover myself, when one of these muppets get it wrong.

  4. According to the photograph, the bike has an “L” plate. That SHOULD have made the car driver be a little less aggressive. Where was the bike heading at the end of the video? It looked as though he was about to lane filter.
    It certainly is dangerous, especially for a bike, when in a lane next to and often in another vehicles blind spot, one must be doubly aware of all the “what ifs?”

  5. Years ago I opted to base myself in Canberra for an 18 month period and have to agree with those who think the people who live there are from another planet. Canberra is another planet. I recall a road survey conducted at this time which, amongst other things, showed that when it rained, traffic speeds increased around ten percent….go figure. After 18 months I was glad to transfer to the relative safety of Jakarta and Bangkok traffic.

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