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Watch This Dirt Bike Rider Make a Mistake That Nearly Cost Him His Life

Dirt bike Rider

Take It Slow In Unfamiliar Territory

There’s nothing better than exploring a new area on a motorcycle. However, when doing so, you need to make sure you ride safe, and that usually means slowing down a little bit. As you can see in the video below, this dirt bike rider didn’t follow this advice and rides right off a cliff.

According to RideApart, which posted the video to its YouTube page, the rider survived and is now recovering. That’s pretty astonishing based on what you can see in the video. A fall like this rider takes surely could have been fatal. All it would take is falling wrong or not wearing the proper gear. This rider, thankfully, was wearing the right gear and managed to survive this harrowing accident. 

The landscape he’s riding through is beautiful. It looks flat and open, and I can see why he thought he was safe to zoom around at a reasonably high speed. The cliff he rides right off appears seemingly out of nowhere, and he had very little time, if any, to react. However, he should have been more cautious in the first place.

It’s videos like these that remind you of just how easy it can be to have an accident on a motorcycle. It also reminds you to stay vigilant while riding and always practice safe riding techniques even when you think you’re completely safe. I’m glad this guy will live to see another day.