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Watch shocking motorcycle hit and run!

It seems shocking amazing that the rider in this hit-and-run incident on an LA freeway received only minor injuries.

This hit-and-run crash on an LA freeway is shocking, but also amazing as the rider received only minor injuries.

It was recorded by driver Will Panda on his mobile phone about 7pm on Friday (19 June 2020).

“I saw a van coming up behind us with sparks flying and then we caught this passing us by,” he says on his YouTube channel where he posted the video.

“A hit and run driver in Corona smashed into a motorcycle, pinning it under his bumper and dragging it off the highway. We doubled back to see if we could find him but he had run his car into a fence and presumably took off running.

“It looked straight out of a movie, we could not believe it, we hope the motorcyclist is okay!”

California Highway Patrol say the crash happened at 104km/h and threw Honda CBR600 rider Chain Arunritthirot 60m into freeway traffic.

He is ok, but has complained about pain to his arms and legs.

Chain says he felt like he was targeted by the driver.

“Oh, this guy did try to kill me … I feel like it was intentional, like he hunted me down,” he says.

Honda Odyssey driver George Valentin has now been charged with a hit-and-run felony.

It seems absolutely amazing that the rider in this hit-and-run incident on an LA freeway received only minor injuries.
The wrecked bike is finally dislodged

Hit and run crashes

We have reported on many hit-and-run crashes involving motorcycles over the years.

It seems drivers think they can get away with hitting a motorcycle and doing a runner.

There can be several reasons for this, mainly the fact that a crash wth a motorcycle tends to have minimal impact on a four-wheeled vehicle so it is capable of driving off.

The fact that the bike and rider may be incapacitated also means they are unlikely to be able to give chase.

But we also wonder if there is a growing callous disregard for the health and safety of riders.

Do they view us as having a death wish?

Hit-and-run drivers face heftier penalties if caught, including lengthy jail time, depending on the jurisdiction.

However, they are only charged with leaving the scene of an accident if there is a death, injury, or a tow truck is required and the incident is reported to police.

Not only do drivers face tougher penalties for leaving the scene of an accident where someone is injured, but it also decreases a victim’s chance of survival.

  1. Pleased the rider was alive with ‘just’ pains in arms & legs…lucky guy!
    The car driver should never ever be allowed to drive ever again!

  2. It isn’t politically correct to say this, but that’s the worst type of driver. What you see is what you get ONLY if you have your eyes open as to human nature and the nature of society today. This is the one situation where a younger person in the world today will be less naive than an older one. Someone who’s frustrated about and deeply resents “all men”, due to their own bad choices in life, and who has a tendency to anthropomorphise their vehicle as a surrogate phallus, will tend to use it as such and get a sensation of exhilaration and power in the process. Worst of all, that person will be of a class that knows well it’s practically untouchable by legal repercussions (see, for example, that white woman walking her dog in a public park in America who calls the police and makes a fake complaint against a random black man, knowing full well that such an action would likely ruin his life). Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. No accountability for that class of person. If the age fits and the face fits, take nothing for granted out on the road.

  3. just give me 1 minute with this ingrate – that’s all I will need to wring its neck ….

  4. If the court case comes the driver will magically be the salt of the earth a good parent of sixty foster kids a church elder or such etc etc.
    In reality the suspended license for drug and or other impaired driving, the domestic violence and or child abuse records will probably be excluded from anyone hearing about.

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