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Watch this epic 10,000km ride across Siberia

Siberia bridge

A photo of a dilapidated bridge in Siberia was the inspiration for an epic trip across Russia and Mongolia beautifully captured in this 30-minute “Broken Roads to Siberia” video.

Broken Roads to Siberia 

The 10,000km “Broken Roads to Siberia” journey started when Finnish rider Jyri Koski started planning an off-road route to the infamous Vitim River Bridge in Siberia.

It’s an old train bridge crossing the Vitim River which is only six-foot-wide path. Its old metal structure is covered with rotting wooden planks, which can be slippery due to frequent ice in the area.

Once the route was planned, Jyri needed a riding partner and a host for his planned travel film, so he sent a message to his friend Tuukka Josefsson with a picture of the dangerously dilapidated bridge.

“Do you want to join me for a motorcycle ride to this bridge in Siberia?” Jyri asked in the message.

Tuukka was in immediately!  

Bikes and gearSiberia

“Next important task was to select the motorcycle for the adventure,” Tyre says.

“It had to be light enough, yet strong enough to carry all the gear and take the beating as well as a great off-roader and of course fun to ride.

KTM 690 Enduro R filled all our requirements.”

Jyri and Tuukka replaced the air filter box with an additional 6.5-litre fuel tank and carried extra five-litre fuel canisters with them.

That gave them about 400km fuel range, depending on the riding conditions.

Riding gear was another important selection as Jyri and Tuukka needed protection from Siberia’s harsh conditions.

They chose Rukka’s new “Rough Roads” motorcycle wear, specially made for adventure riding.

For light and rugged luggage, Jyri and Tuukka opted for Kriega’s luggage system.   

Film festivals

Wildfire dangers in Siberia
Wildfire dangers in Siberia

Their journey through Russian wilderness, Altai mountains, Mongolian deserts and Siberian taiga takes its toll on the young riders as seen in their video.

“Broken Roads to Siberia” has been selected for several film festivals around the world: French Riviera Motorcycle Film Festival, Travel FilmFest International Film Festival, MotoTematica Rome Motorcycle Film Festival and The Adventure Travel Film Festival.