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Watch A Honda Africa Twin Ride Down A Volcano To The Beach

In January, the world mourned the loss of a remarkable hooligan, but Ken Block’s influence will endure eternally, as exemplified in this video by Kirian Mirabet, an up-and-coming Spanish FIM Enduro Team Honda rider.

The film “Gymkhana38: The Step” is a direct homage to Ken Block’s viral stunt videos in the Gymkhana series. However, Mirabet chose to put a unique spin on the tribute. Instead of using a car, he opted for an adventure motorcycle, specifically a Honda Africa Twin ADV.

The enchanting setting of cobbled streets, a skate park, palm trees, and ideal weather serves as a magnificent backdrop as Mirabet embarks on a “gymkhana from the volcano to the beach,” paying homage to Ken Block and the enduring legacy he left behind.