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Want to level up your Airbrushing game? Here are 10 tips from the experts that will clean up your pro-hand

airbrush tutor ad1. Airbrushtutor  – by Mitch Lowther

“The most important thing i’d recommend is to keep your air compressed, keep the air on at all times! This means whenever your finger is on the trigger, whether you’re pulling back for paint or not the air should be on. This helps avoid tip dry while not airbrushing and avoids splatters when you begin laying ink onto the artwork.

Another newbie tip if you have covered the above would be to always step back from your artwork – every ten minutes or so. We see things from a distance, yet we paint things up very close, so it makes sense to also have a pause, step back and make sure you’re doing it right from the most common viewing distance.”

Mitch runs a fantastic site over at the


Airbrush Painting Secrets – by Alisa Amor

You can make gorgeous planets using spray paint art techniques. Here’s how….

You will need white, black, and a few other colors if desired. Have something circular like a plate, bowl or lid to mask your shape. You will also need a sheet of newspaper or a plastic bag to make your texture.

Place your lid on your paper or canvas and spray a color very lightly around it so you know exactly where your planet is going to live.

Spray white on the top half and add your colors gradually in overlapping layers as you go towards the bottom of your planet. Finally spray the black on the bottom third of the planet. Crinkle up your newspaper or plastic bag in your hands. Then brush it over your layered paints. You will create a beautiful random texture.

If you want the texture to be more complex, add a little white over the top and pass a clean newspaper or plastic over your colors again. Do this as many times as desired. Finish up with a little extra white on the very top and a gradual black shadow over the bottom half.

When you are happy with it, cover it up with your bowl and spray black all around it. You can add some stars by putting some white paint on a palette knive and shaking it over your planet.

Then take off your plate…and magic! A planet.

Have a look:

This is only the beginning! There are so many spray paint art techniques that can be adapted for use with an airbrush. You can get a free lesson at


Roustan Bodypaint – by Paul Roustan

“The airbrush can be a frustrating tool to learn. Many people give up once they are confronted with their first clog. Learn the airbrush inside out. Learn how to take it apart, and clean it appropriately. Make sure your compressor puts out enough air (at least 25psi) to clean out gunk easily. Better yet, if you can master using the airbrush while it’s clogged, you are all set! Whatever you do, don’t give up! It’s like riding a bike. Once you got it, you got it!”

Check out my free step by step airbrush body paint tutorial –


Craig Fraser Mastering Aces n Eights Pistons n Plugs Airbrush Action Magazine4.  Airbrush Action Mag – by Craig Fraiser

Utilize multiple stencils to create a custom masterpiece. 

Master one stencil, and then move on to the next. Creating a unique piece is not some divine gift only a few are blessed with.

Remixing a few stencils that you have mastered will give you an edge that you need to stand out.


5. Airbrush Technique Mag – by Don Johnson

Start with a Double-Action Airbrush by Badger.

Mastering a pro tool early in your airbrushing adventure will help you become that pro you want to be faster than starting with some cheap knock-off. 


6. Airbrush Doc – by Sergej Voronko

Buy or make yourself a great cleanup station. While this is not the first thing that most new airbrushes would like to do, it will save you time, money, and effort in the long run. Go ahead and make yourself one, and focus on the other things that you want to.

Airbrush Cleaning Station


Create your own custom templates, print them, cut them out, and go have some fun. 

Piersdowell Airbrushed Helmet Collection


8. How to airbrush skulls – by Stuart Vimpani

Learn to draw them by hand first, and then you will be able to paint them so much faster. Or just use a stencil 🙂


9. Coast Airbrush TV – by Dave Monnig

Watch this video by Dave.

It’s a great overview of a lot of the moving parts that come with Custom Airbrush Painting. If you have any questions after it, go ahead and watch it again.

Airbrush Overview


10. Cosmic Airbrush – by Dennis Mathewson

Pay attention the flow of your work. This is critical. If it doesn’t flow, then paint it again until it flows.


Thanks for all the great tips! Send me in your own tips and you might get featured on the next article of Airbrush Painting with the Pros. –