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Volcon, Linear Labs, and Camburg Engineering Announce Partnership

Volcon Grunt

New Partners Aimed at Producing True Performance

Volcon is the first all-electric off-road powersports company based in the U.S. It recently announced strategic partnerships with Linear Labs and Camburg Engineering. 

Linear Labs is a smarter energy company. Camburg Engineering manufactures world-class off-road suspension. This matchup will help Volcon produce some of the best electric off-road vehicles in the world—or so the company hopes.

“We’re sourcing the best components possible to complement all of our Volcon products,” said Andrew Leisner, CEO of Volcon. “Linear Labs not only gives Volcon a competitive advantage compared to other electric competitors but also rivals the top combustion models on the market. At the same time, Camburg Engineering gives Volcon models the credibility of developing the highest-quality off-road suspension system, as an established market leader.”

Volcon, being a U.S. company, has kept things within the U.S. for its partnerships. Linear Labs is based in Fort Worth, Texas. Camburg Engineering is based in Hunting Beach California.

Linear Labs has produced some of the most innovative electric motors with its groundbreaking HET technology. This allows for twice the torque of competitive motors of the same size. Looked at another way, you could get the same amount of torque form a motor half the size and weight. This would also help efficiency. 

Camburg Engineering has long been one of the best suspension manufacturers in the world. It is the preferred partner of Fox Factory Holding Corp, a subsidiary of Fox Racing Shox. The partnership will help Volcon’s four-wheel side-by-side vehicles geet Fox Racing Shox equipment. 

Recently, I profiled the Volcon Grunt two-wheeler on our sister site Motorbike Writer, but it’s safe to say this won’t be the last model to come out from the company. There’s a lot more where that came from and partnerships like this are only going to help make awesome products.