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VLAD ‘farce’ leaves $2500 legal debt

VLAD harassment axed
"Harassed" Misfit Jamie Evans on his Fat Boy

A Brisbane rider who claims to have been harassed multiple times by police during the height of the Queensland anti-bikie crackdown has had police obstruction and assault charges suddenly dropped leaving a $2500 legal debt.

Jamie Evans, 46, rose to notoriety after one of his confrontations with police was filmed and posted on YouTube, attracting thousands of shares and more than 2.25 million views. He has now taken the video down.

The charges arose out of a different incident in July last year and now after 15 months, 12 court appearances and $2500 in legal fees, the police prosecution recently dropped the charges saying there was “no substantial evidence tended for the case to proceed”.

“Because of judiciary legislation changes which were part of the VLAD (Vicious Lawless Associations Disestablishment) Act I can’t claim compensation,” he says.

Jamie says he would have to take the case to the District Court where it would cost even more, but compensation is capped at $1500.

Jamie has now made a submission to the Parliamentary committee reviewing the VLAD Act and associated legislation changes. His submission will be tabled this week.

The committee is expected to make its recommendations next month.

vlad laws legal

“People don’t know how the changes to the other legislation affects them until they are caught up in it like me,” Jamie says.

“The changes to the police power act exonerates them from any wrong doing and changes to the judiciary legislation allows prosecutors unlimited adjournments and prevents the ability to obtain compo.”

He says that is why other people charged under the crackdown such as the “ice-cream bikies”, Yandina Five and female librarian had their cases dropped at the last minute.

Apart from being out of pocket, Jamie says the series of harassment has forced him to quit the Misfits social club to prevent them “copping any heat” and to consider selling his beloved Fat Boy.

He says that in the past 18 months he has been pulled over by police 32 times for licence checks and breath tests, 28 times on his bike and four times in his car, usually when he was heading to work.

He says he has no criminal conviction and puts the harassment down to how he looks and the fact that he has spoken at several anti-VLAD rallies and unsuccessfully stood for parliament at the last state election. He says he won’t be attending anymore rallies.

Jamie says the police harassment, including frequent patrol cars driving by his residence, has ceased over the past five months.

Jamie Evans state poll legal
Jamie Evans and supporter
  1. There is a constant battle between multiple factions of governance that keep our laws in a state of flux between too lax an too draconian but there is one faction that never seems to lose and that is the revenue faction when ever any new law is written or an old one updated the revenue faction always take it as an opportunity to get more cash or prevent the loss of a revenue stream.
    If you go to court for any reason it will cost you even if you win or don’t actually loose, this story is case in point. Another example is if you take a speeding fine to court as is your right to do but the revenue faction don’t like you having that right so they have tacked on legislation that if you loose they can sting you an extra $4500 just for exercising your rights.

  2. If you ride around looking like that then you should expect that you will come to the attention of the police, no brainer really!

    1. So you are saying that if you exercise your democratic right to dress how you please that even if you haven’t broken any laws or there is no grounds for suspecting that you have broken any laws then its totally reasonable for the Police to harass you instead of actually dealing with real crime ?

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