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Upgrades Your Ducati Scrambler With This Sick Yoshimura Slip-On Exhaust

Ducati Scrambler yoshimura slip-on

Your Scrambler Will Never Have Sounded So Good

The Ducati Scrambler is one of those bikes that seemed to scratch people right where they itched. It looks undeniably cool, offers good on-road qualities and some minor off-road game, and even provides a good platform for customization. While you can do just about anything to these bikes from a customizing standpoint, a good way to change it just a bit is to add a custom exhaust.

That’s where this custom exhaust from Yoshimura comes in. The company released the R-34 slip-on exhaust for the Ducati Scrambler fairly recently, and now you can hear what it sounds like thanks to the video below that the company added to its YouTube page.

As you can see in the video, you get to hear and see what the stock exhausts sounds like as well as the R-34 slip on. While I actually like the look of the stock exhaust better, there’s no denying the Yoshimura one sounds better. It gives the bike a really honest and scrambler-worthly growl.

It doesn’t sound so loud that you’ll wake every one of your neighbors every morning when you get the bike out. However, it will give you and everyone you ride past on the street a reason to take note. To put it plainly, the Yoshimura R-34 slip-on sounds damn good. If I had a Ducati Scrambler I’d really be thinking about forking the $579 over for one of these.