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Upgrade Your Coms System With Sena’s Premium HD Speaker Kit

Sena HD Speakers

For the 10C Evo & 10C Pro

If you have taken the plunge into the full Sena experience through the addition of one of their 10C Evo or 10C Pro systems and are looking for ways to make the user experience greater than ever, Sena has a new HD speaker replacement kit that is available to upgrade your system.

Sena HD Speakers

Sena claims that these speakers bring much more bass into the mix and greatly improve clarity at the same time. As an audio engineer in my off-time, I understand that more often than not, the balance of increasing bass while keeping the audio clear can prove difficult; so hopefully, Sena aced this one so riders can have an enhanced riding experience when jamming out to their favorite music on long-haul rides.

The speaker kit will be available for the two units listed above, and will also be compatible with the 30k, 20S EVO, and 20S at a price of $39 USD. We currently have a test unit headed to WBW headquarters and will have a post with our hands-on experience coming in the near future. Stay tuned!