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Unreleased Triumphs Hit the US: Triumph Trident 660 & Tiger 850 Sport To Be Released In 2021

You Can Look But You Can’t Touch

Motorcycle Shows Cancelled Across the United States

It’s no secret that there have been some cancellations of major exhibitions across the country. This hurdle had to be overcome for motorcycle manufacturers across the globe. Per, Triumph had planned a “New Product Tour” but with a global pandemic, they’ve had to adapt and change their original plans. 

While there will not be any test rides of the unreleased Triumphs, they will be travelling across the nation to Triumph dealerships. These bikes are the only two sets of the Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger 850 Sport, outside of Europe. “With the cancellation of the motorcycles shows, it was an obvious choice for us to get these in the hands of as many dealerships as possible.” Adam VanderVeen – Marketing Director, Triumph Motorcycles America.

The Trident and Tiger will be following a scheduled trip across the US that you can follow via the TriumphOnTour website. 

When Can I Own One and for How Much?

The Triumph Trident 660, a beginner to intermediate naked styled bike will be available for purchase January 2021. The Trident is currently listed at $7,995.00 USD per the Triumph website. Not a bad price considering the 10,000 mile / 12 month service interval, giving you a lower ownership cost overall. 

Now for the Tiger 850 Sport, a new addition to the Triumph Tiger family. It has been specifically developed for road focused versatility. The Tiger is currently listed at $11,995.00 USD, a fair price considering the impressive specifications it carries. Triumph should also be released January 2021.