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UCLEAR Digital Force Helmet Audio System Review

Anyone who enjoys recreational activities that require protective helmets knows it is an all too common problem to be cut off from music and communication. There are ways to sneak ear buds underneath their headgear, but it is often unreliable and can become a nuisance.

UCLEAR Digital HD Force Bluetooth Helmet Audio System Single KitHaving a studio system that can be installed right into the head gear is not only safe, but also durable and entertaining. This review will go over all the features and functions of the UCLEAR Digital HBC200 Force Bluetooth Helmet Audio System. After reading about everything this product has to offer, anyone will be able to make a well informed decision to determine if it is right for them.

For those who enjoy skating, boarding, biking or even riding an ATV, a helmet is almost always a necessity. In order to make the entire experience more enjoyable, the UCLEAR Digital Force Helmet Audio System can be attached to the helmet itself. The user will then be able to connect to a Bluetooth device to listed to music or connect with friends. The high quality speakers and noise reducing headphones will eliminate outside noise giving the user perfect sound under any circumstances.

In the past, music was either muffled by activity, or not an option at all. Now, with this product, users are able to have great sound and have a better ride than ever. Purchasing available here. 

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 10x6x2 inches
  • Weight: 1.1 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Battery: 3.7V lithium ion
  • Talk time up to ten hours
  • 2 year warranty on controller unit
  • 1 year warranty on accessories


  • Bluetooth Compatibility: Listen to music and make calls from a cell phone. This product gives the user freedom to browse media from their phone while never having to take a break.
  • Intercom Technology: Eliminate background noise for an amazing experience. This technology will make sure the user has no distractions due to outside noise.
  •  Weather Resistant: For those who ride regardless of outdoor conditions, this product is waterproof and can stand temperatures as low as 14° F and as high as 140° F.
  • Easy Assembly: The helmet audio system does not require any tools and can be installed in just a few minutes.
  • Connect With Friends: This speaker system will allow for clear conversation between friends, either individually or within a group.
  • Everything Included: Controller Unit, AC Charger, V2 Stereo Speaker Set, USB Charging Cable, Permanent Mount, Temporary Mount, Velcro Mount Round Set and a Quick Start Guide.

Who Can Benefit From This Product?

Anyone looking for a way to enhance their ride can see that this speaker system is a great option. Not only will it give quality sound for music, but it will also allow for the user to make calls and speak to those around them who are also equipped with Bluetooth. From everything to making a playlist to coordinating an obstacle course, this product will allow for near perfect sound quality for any occasion. The simple installation process makes getting out easier than ever before.

This product is perfect for any avid skater, biker, or those who love ATV’s, however, those who rise as an infrequent pastime may not get the full effect. It is also not perfect for nearby viewers who wish to communicate with riders. A common complaint from users is that their friends having trouble getting through when they were on the sidelines. After taking all this into account, users should be able to determine if this product is right for them.

Additional Information

UCLEAR Digital HBC200 Force Bluetooth Helmet Audio System Dual KitThe UCLEAR Digital Force Helmet Audio System has been tested extensively for both sound quality and durability. The weather proofing makes it perfect in any temperature while the high quality materials will protect it from damage. It is constructed to be easy to install and connect to devices. Aside from a few minor faults, this speaker system will give anyone the sound they are looking for.

Purchase the Dual Kit Here.

With an overwhelmingly positive collection of reviews, 76% of users gave it either four or five stars. The remaining 24% had concerns about defective units which had to be replaced and sound quality while trying to speak to specific people who were watching them as spectators.

Overall, users enjoy this system and would recommend it to others with similar interests.