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Tyre pressure monitor is smart

CycleAT tyre pressure monitor - nitrogen
CycleAT tyre pressure monitor

Tyre pressure monitors are an example of technology working for your safety. Now there is an aftermarket unit that does more than just monitor your tyre pressure.

CycleAT has produced a tyre pressure monitor that works via Bluetooth and pairs to your phone, giving you real-time information such as pressure, temperature and real speed, not the slightly incorrect reading you get on your speedometer. They will also be able to map your ride.CycleAT tyre pressure monitor
There have been other similar units, but they don’t link to your Android or iPhone to provide this extra information. The app that comes with this is so smart it even recommends tyre pressures for your particular use.

Also, you usually have to remove these devices to attach an air hose, while these remain in place. In fact, they improve access like an L-adapter on your valve.

Correct tyre inflation helps with handling, braking, fuel economy and tyre longevity. You should check your tyres every time you head out on a ride, but who remembers to do that? According to an RACQ study, an alarming number of motorists drive and ride on under inflated tyres. CycleAT tyre pressure monitor
With a tyre pressure monitor, you don’t have to remember. Some motorcycle companies such as BMW now fit them to their top models. However, the CycleAT monitors can be fitted to any bike, scooter, trike or even bicycle. They aren’t bulky, either, and won’t spoil the look of your wheels. You can get them in either high or low profile to suit your bike.

The monitors come with a rechargeable long-life battery that goes to sleep when the wheel is stationary to save on charge.

CycleAT is now looking for kickstarter funding to have the monitors available on the market by March 2015.