Tyler O’Hara Wins the King of the Baggers Race on an Indian Challenger

King of the Baggers

Winning at Laguna Seca

The field of race-tuned baggers looked somewhat odd at Laguna Seca, but the racing was anything but. The racers whipped the bagger motorcycles around the racetrack with surprising speed. It’s safe to say King of the Baggers was a success. 

Tyler O’Hara riding an Indian Challenger, only one of the bikes in the race from the company, managed to come out on top at the end of the race. He had to battle back from near the back of the pack and after going off-track at one point near the beginning of the race. He eventually won by 1.9 seconds, beating out one of the many Harley-Davidsons in the field.

O’Hara said this after the race, according to Visordown:

“It’s just so fun, like you said, being able to be part of this whole King of the Baggers. I haven’t seen people that excited about motorcycle racing in a long time. People were jumping up and down and hooting and hollering. It was just fun to put on a show with these guys. My hats off to everybody who rode a bagger this weekend because some of the bikes out there didn’t look too fun to be on. So, hats off to the team.”

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these races in the future, and I love that Harley and Indian will be duking it out around the racetrack.