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Coming soon: Two new Pursang electric scramblers

pursang electric motorcycles
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First released to the market in 1967, the Pursang motocross motorcycle went out of production in 1984 and quickly gained mythological status. The Spanish bike, famously ridden by Peter Fonda in Easy Rider, was revered by motocross fans across the world. However, it remained boxed in history until the EICMA Milan Motorcycle Show in 2018, when a new modern-day prototype was presented that’s both innovative and electric.

Electric vehicles for the modern market

From Telsa, to Jaguar to Honda, an increasing number of car manufacturers are  launching electric and hybrid vehicles, and many older models are now incorporating electric technology. Electric bikes are keeping pace, with the NAWA Racer demonstrating the potential of this innovation in the motorcycle industry. Indeed, electric vehicle development has allowed Pursang to bring back their legendary bike with a modern twist, which would have been a hard sell without new innovations to make it relevant to a modern market.
The manufacturers are keen to maintain the essence of the original bikes and create a product with similar dynamic qualities, but they aim to use modern technology to enhance these features. The new batch of bikes will maintain the aesthetics of the original models while demonstrating the power of electric vehicle technology.

The new Pursang models

pursang electric motorcycles
Pursang eStreet
The first 60 units of Pursang’s new bikes are expected to become available in May 2020. There will be  two models on the market: the Pursang E-Street and the Pursang E-Track. The E-Street is the less powerful of the two. With an 8kW motor and two 2.4kWh batteries, its top speed is 100km/h, and the removable batteries mean that charging can take place off the bike.
pursang electric motorcycles
Pursang eTrack

The E-Track, meanwhile, has a top speed of 120km/h and an 11kW motor. This model will need to be charged directly, as its three 2.4kWh batteries are non-removable.

Both models have tubular chromoly frames, monoshock suspension at the rear and inverted front forks, and they feature Pirelli Scorpion tyres and Morad wheels. The first run of 60 will also feature unique twists to match the Founder’s Edition bikes, including body panels of carbon fibre.

Electric scramblerspursang electric motorcycles

Jim Palau-Ribes, founder of Pursang and reportedly responsible for designing the new models, has said that the E-Street and the E-track are not motocross bikes, but ‘electric scramblers.’ He explained that he wanted to make enjoyable rides that wouldn’t harm the environment, fulfilling the ethos of the original brand but bringing modern sensibilities to the table.
Electric vehicles, both cars and bikes, emit less pollution than traditionally powered models, with no exhaust emissions. Studies have found that they produce half the greenhouse gas emissions of a traditionally powered model. To make the new bikes even greener, riders who use renewable energy can charge from their solar energy systems.
The new Pursang electric scramblers have been eagerly awaited since the brand first announced their development, and motorcyclists don’t have long to wait. If you want to get your hands on the special editions, however, you’ll have to make your reservation quickly.