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Two For The Price Of One: Suzuki Reveals the A2 License-Compliant GSX-S950

a close-up photo of the new GSX-s950, in Triton Blue.

Suzuki has just revealed their GSX-S950 to the masses – and it’s the first motorcycle I’ve encountered this year that is technically a two-for-one.

a front view of the new GSX-s950, in Triton Blue.

There’s been a bit of confusion regarding this bike’s specs, so here’s the breakdown based on the current known details:

At full power, the GSX-S950 has 95PS (70kW) and 92 Nm of torque and clocks in at 214 kg.

Despite the GSX-S950 having the same 999cc inline-four power output as the GSX-S1000, Suzuki has deliberately restricted the output to make the bike A2 license compliant.

Suzuki’s website describes the bike as follows:
With 95PS (70kW) peak power, [the GSX-S950 is] the ideal choice for newer or returning riders and can be switched to 47.5PS (35kW) to make this model available to A2 license holders too.”

a photo of a rider trying out the new GSX-s950, in Triton Blue.

According to a report from AutoX, the GSX-S950 was created with the client in mind – specifically, clients desiring a lower power output than the GSX-S750 and the GSX-S1000 but still wanting the flexibility to upgrade later if necessary. 

Essentially, should the rider want a bike that is A2 license compliant, they can purchase the GSX-S950, knowing that they can tune it up from 47 bhp to 93 bhp and 93Nm of torque upon the inquiry of their unrestricted license. 

a picture of the new GSX-S950 front display.

The new GSX-S950 has also been given a stacked headlight, ride-by-wire throttle, low RPM assist feature, and slip-and-assist clutch, as well as a twin-spar aluminum frame superbike-derived swingarm & rear-shock identical to that of the GSX-S1000.

Suzuki plans on releasing the GSX-S950 later in August of this year. 

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