Two Brothers P1X Review

The Two Brothers P1X Tames the Beast

The P1X Power Tip does what is claimed.

It reduced the sound level by nearly 10 dB from the stock Two Brothers M2 carbon fiber exhaust.

This didn’t start out to be a three-part review but one never knows what the future will bring.

We received so many emails about our P1 Power Tip review that we figured we may as well make it a threesome.

So a Two Brothers P1X Power Tip was ordered and it arrived quickly…along with the correct high-temp O-rings in the kit.

The P1X is quite different from the P1 Power Tip. It has an inner extension tube that’s 30 mm in diameter (ID) and the exit tube has a 38 mm diameter.

This compares to the P1 Power Tip that does not have the inner tube and has an inner diameter of 47 mm.

As we discovered in Part 2, the P1 Power Tip did nothing to reduce the sound from the M2 exhaust on the BMW F800S (Blog) and, in fact, it made the exhaust sound slightly louder.

No problem with the P1X however, so if you really want to reduce the sound level from the ~99 dB level of the stock M2 exhaust, the P1X is the way to go. It reduced the sound by nearly 10 dB in our comparison.

We revised the Two Brothers exhaust video to include both the P1 and P1X clips, so now you can watch the entire 4-minute-and-change video and see (and hear) all three versions.

Here are a few photos of the P1X:

Two Brothers P1X Kit
Two Brothers P1X Power Tip kit, this time with both the narrow and thicker high-temperature O-rings included.
wBW Video: Two Brothers P1X Power Tip

Part 1: Two Brothers M2 Exhaust Review  |  Part 2: Two Brothers P1 Power Tip Review

Two Brothers P1X O-Ring
The thinner high-temperature O-ring worked fine.
Two Brothers P1X Installed
The M2 exhaust with the P1X Power Tip. You can see the difference; it has a much smaller diameter.
Two Brothers P1X Size Comparison
The P1X Power Tip installed, compared to the P1 Power Tip.


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The Two Brothers P1X Power Tip does make both a subjective and objective difference, reducing the sound level of the M2 carbon fiber exhaust in our example by nearly 10 dB in the RPM range illustrated in the video. Since the P1 Power Tip had no effect in our evaluation, the P1X is the one to buy if you’re looking to tame the sound in a Two Brothers exhaust.

Part 1: Two Brothers M2 Carbon Fiber Exhaust Review  |  Part 2:  Two Brothers P1 Review
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wBW Review: Two Brothers P1X Power Tip
Manufacturer: Two Brothers Racing
List Price (2015): $34.98
Colors: Varied.
Made In: U.S.A.
Sizes: Various fits different TwoBros exhausts.
Review Date: February 2015
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From “M.H.” (February 2015): “I fitted P1X power tips to the Two Brothers mufflers on my Suzuki DL1000. Changed it from obnoxious to just loud, almost acceptable. A definite improvement.

I then bought some tubing which had external diameter identical to the internal diameter of the tips, cut to lengths of approx 15 cm, drilled holes along the length, and attached to the power tips running up inside the mufflers. This made it very acceptable, still leaves the DL with a good throaty v-twin sound, and doesn’t seem to have impacted the tuning or the performance. I’m happy!”

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  1. Steve
    February 2, 2018

    Yes I put p1x on my bike and as you say Went from Drive you batty to maybe bearable. Pls could you follow up with some pics pls. What sort of steel tubing cheers

  2. Steve McCormack
    February 4, 2018

    Hi mate how did you connect the 10 cm tube to p1x power tip

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