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TVS Might Be Bringing Another 310cc Bike to India

BMW G 310 R

A Collaborative Effort

K. N. Radhakrishnan, President & CEO of TVS Motor Company spilled the beans regarding a BMW collaboration project using the two brands jointly-owned 310cc engine. 

In an interview with GaadiWaadi, Radhakrishnan said they will be adding “one more variant of that from TVS Motor Company.”

This motorcycle will be a TVS model, and you can expect it to be catered to the Indian market. Although the BMW 310 models have found success in the worldwide market, it has suffered in India’s sales. TVS is looking to take that same engine and build a motorcycle that Indian customers can have the comfort of knowing it is built and designed at home.

Beyond the announcement of utilizing the 310cc engine, we lack further details to continue the picture of how this motorcycle should pan out.

A big possibility will be for TVS to make their own G 310 R and G 310 GS variants. The blueprints are already there, and with India having such diverse roadways it would make sense for the brand to release an off-road and on-road variant. 

That is all we know for now regarding this motorcycle and hopefully, we get to see TVS’ big plans for this bike at some point in 2021.