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Triumph Unveils the Rocket 3 TFC

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC

The Company Calls It ‘The Ultimate Motorcycle’

Triumph’s Rocket 3 is something that excites the hell out of me. I like the idea of a big muscle cruiser, especially a special limited-edition one like the TFC that Triumph has built. The company recently posted a video of the bike, unveiling its new beauty flexing in a dark room. It looks awesome. 

The bike has all kinds of carbon fiber on it, special LED lights, cast aluminum wheels, and a unique and modern looking instrument cluster that’s minimalistic but everything you need. The Rocket 3 TFC offers a super stylish package, but it’s not all about how the thing looks and the materials it’s made of. 

Triumph has made a big honking 2,500cc engine. That engine produces the most torque of any production motorcycle, according to the website. It makes over 163 lb-ft of torque. It also makes over 168 hp. Triumph didn’t say the exact power numbers, but even those indications are amazing.

That is a freakish amount of power for any motorcycle. Heck, I’ve driven cars that have way less power than that and they weighed a lot more. The Triumph Rocket 3 TFC is an absolute beast, and I think that’s exactly what Triumph was going for.

Triumph will make only 750 of the Rocket 3 TFC. The price for the bike is $29,000. That’s a lot of money. However, with the bike being a special edition and such a beast of a machine, Triumph will have no trouble moving these things.