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Triumph Teams Up With What3Words App

Triumph 1200 Tiger

Geolocation App and the MyTriumph App Connect Up

Triumph partnered with the geolocation app What3Words. That technology is being integrated into the MyTriumph app. But to what end? Well, it allows users to navigate to any spot in the world with a three-word code. You don’t have to have an address to get to a specific place. This is handy for getting to places without an address. Triumph Tiger fans, rejoice!

What3Words works like this, according to RideApart. Every three-meter square of the world is assigned a three-word code. For reference, there are 57 trillion three-meter squares in the world. The app uses 40,000 dictionary words to do this. Basically, you can forget those addresses and numerical geo coordinates. Anywhere in the world. If you want to ride your motorcycle there, it is just three words away. 

This allows you to get extremely precise, and it allows riders to mark places that have no address which is andy when adventure riding. You can then share that data (three words) with other riders or use that to get to a specific spot. It makes navigation easier. It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers adopt this system or one like it. I could see this being really helpful.