Triumph Releases Accessory Line for the New Rocket 3

2020 Triumph Rocket 3 accessories

Take Your Powerful Rocket 3 for a Tour

Triumph has two new versions of the Rocket 3. There’s the R and the GT. The GT, as you might expect, is more of a touring bike. To help make it easier for the company’s new bike to be toured by its endearing riders, an accessories line has been released, according to RideApart. For those of you interested in the R version of the bike. Don’t worry, there’s plenty for you, too.

Over 50 Different Accessories

Triumph designed and developed the accessories along with the bike. This means that each individual accessory you can add was built to work exactly with the motorcycle. The Highway accessories line includes all kinds of gear, from touring handlebars and comfort saddles for pilot and pillion to passenger backrests and tank pads. There’s also windshields, new LED indicators, bar-end mirrors, and more.

The company didn’t stop there, though. It also worked with Artago to design and build special security accessories. This partnership yielded things like a special steering lock, a U-lock, a 120-dB alarmed lock, and a ground anchor. 

The Triumph Rocket 3 will hit Europe first and then come to the U.S. after that. This means we have plenty of time to decide what accessories we want on our bikes. 

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  1. Andy Raynel
    November 24, 2020

    HI Team,
    You mentioned windshields above. What are the dimensions of the shield please and can I order a magnetic tank bag and quick release rear seat bag direct or do I have to go through the dealer here in NZ? No problem if I do (they’re a great bunch) but wanted to save some $$ of I could.
    The standard windshield on the 3GT is a bit small for comfort into strong winds.

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