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Triumph Has Big Updates For Their Upcoming Electric Motorcycle / Powertrain


The Fully British Project Is Nearing The Half-Way Point

News about Triumph’s TE-1 electric motorcycle has been circulating since early 2019 when they initially announced the big undertaking. However, since then, things have been relatively quiet regarding the project until recently. The British motorcycle manufacturer has been easing their way closer to their project completion since then, and now the OEM has some official concept images drafted up for what their debut electric motorcycle could look like in addition to some updates regarding the current state of the project itself. 

The TE-1 concept images reveal that the design of their first EV motorcycle will lean much closer towards the styling found on their modern street bikes (such as the Street/Speed Triple), rather than their classically inspired Bonneville lineup. This makes sense as EV motorcycles are quite a modern idea, to begin with, so it aligns with the idea to pair up a futuristic drivetrain with a futuristic-looking motorcycle.

The electric drivetrain is being developed with the assistance of Williams Advanced Engineering (who will be handling the battery and control systems) and Integral Powertrain will be assisting with the research and development of the electric motor itself. Once Triumph has managed to scrounge up a final design, they intend to send it over to the University of Warwick – located in Coventry, England – for prototype testing and further research. This makes the entire project completely handled by companies that reside in the UK. How “Triumph”, indeed.

Although the team of companies is only halfway to completion of the project, Integral Powertrain has come out and announced that the 22-pound motor is currently sitting at a point where it can make the electric equivalent of 180 horsepower. However, the efficiency of that power delivery will depend on how far Williams Advanced Engineering can take the battery that will be supporting said motor.

We’re excited to see what Triumph brings us when the official prototype is ready.