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Triumph Confirms the 2020 Daytona 765

Triumph Daytona 765
Image from Motorcycle News

It Will Be a Limited Edition Model

Triumph has said that there will be a new Daytona 765 for 2020. However, the company also said that it would be a limited edition motorcycle, which is sad news for many people because it means many of us who would like to get our hands on one will have a tough time doing so.

We knew Triumph was working on a Daytona 765, but the company hadn’t confirmed it until now. The bike will be built in two different specs. One will be for Europe and Asia, the other the US and Canada. When we say it’ll be a limited edition, we mean it. The company will make only 765 bikes for each market. Motorcycle News suggests the 765cc engine pulled from the Speed Triple and reworked will produce around 130-135 hp.

All of the good information about the motorcycle will be unveiled at the official reveal on August 23. That’s when the British MotoGP takes place at Silverstone. After the bikes’ debut, it will take until March of 2020 for deliveries to begin. This is a big deal for the company because the previous Daytona was considered one of the best bikes of all time. This new one had better be pretty good.