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Listen to the Triumph Daytona 765 Sing

Triumph Daytona 765
Image from Mmecabike31 video

A Desperate and Angry Howl

The new Triumph Daytona 765 is coming. The bike has been spotted before, and now we come across a video of the machine on a dyno testing. The lucky guy who gets to do the testing looks all to calm as the beast below him screams on the dyno. It’s a beautiful howl that I don’t think I could ever get sick of.

It’s almost painful to watch this bike tested like this. It looks out of place. It should be on a racetrack or on a twisty canyon road pushing the limits. I guess any motorcycle looks unnatural on a dyno, but this one especially. Maybe it’s because I’m extremely excited for the new Triumph Daytona 765, but I’d almost rather not see the video from the guys at Mmecabike31 testing the bike. Just give us the audio, and spare us the almost unsightly visuals.

I’m probably in the minority here. Most folks would want to get as much of the Triumph Daytona 765 to see as they can. I like looking at it, but stripped down like this and strapped to a dyno isn’t exactly a good look. Let that pony run. From the sound of it, the bike is going to be a real killer. 

The details of the new Triumph Daytona are still scarce. However, we know the bike will get a new larger displacement version of inline-three cylinder engine. How the bike will look is still somewhat of a mystery. There are some spy shots out there, RideApart seems to suggest that Triumph put the fairing from the previous model on the test bike to hide its true styling. All I know is that the bike is coming, and it should be better than before.