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Toy Run for Father Bob confirmed

Toy Run
Damien, centre with organisers Slim and Bernie

A date for the Independent Riders Group Toy Run for Father Bob in Melbourne has now been confirmed after a clash with other local community events.

It will now run from 9am to 3pm on Sunday, December 13, 2015, not December 6 as original planned. The venue is O’Donnell Gardens next to Luna Park in St Kilda.

IRG spokesman Damien Codognotto says the Toy Run for Father Bob is a “purely bike event run by volunteers”.

“Our aims are to help kids, promote road safety and bring back the big parade toy runs because the parades are excellent PR for motorcycle and scooter community and tourist attractions in their own right,” he says.

Toy Run
Father Bob

The Father Bob Maguire Foundation was established in 2003 to help homeless youth.

IRG spokesman Jon May says they need riders to bring non-perishable food, hard toys, kids books/DVDs/CDs and cash donations which all goes to Father Bob.

Toy Run
John calls for canned food and toys

The Toy Run was to be held on December 6 but the City of Port Phillip said it clashed with too many other local events, so it has been moved back a week.

The biggest Toy Run in Melbourne was the 1997 event where police estimated 18,000 motorcycles, scooter, sidecars and trikes rolled down Swanston Street heading for St Kilda in one giant parade that took in the Albert Park GP circuit. The public turned out in big numbers to watch.

Toy Run
1997 Toy Run

This year riders will assemble from 9am and the run starts at 11am down Jacka Bvd, Beaconsfield Pde to Port Melbourne, then U-turn back along the beach to Robinson Reserve, Barkly St, Acland St, Shakespeare Gve and Cavell St.

There will be live music and presentations with a close at 3.30pm.

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  1. I’ll be going to the Official 38th Toy Run this year, the one that will be going for the world record, that is organised and supported by Victorian Motorcycle Council. The one the IRG refuse to deal with and who have hijacked the Toy Run in Melbourne and claimed it as their own. This event had a very poor turnout last year – nothing compared to the tens of thousands who turned out to the Official Toy Run. The IRG event may be on, but I understand that it doesn’t have any formal approval.

    1. This sort of petty bickering is the reason many of us stay away from clubs and organisations. Its for charity, Who cares about records or how many toy runs there are? NO FORMAL APPROVAL? give me a break

      1. You are absolutely right Pete. The IRG has tried to work with Karmouche & Co. time and again but … The TOY RUN in St Kilda has all the right approvals. As you say. “It’s for charity.”

    2. The Independent Riders group tried to support and attend the VMC TOY RUN several time and were told no. That’s not the way we work. This is not a competition. We have offered the VMC a free stand at St Kilda to promote the VMC event a week later. The more riders that attend both events the more donations to help people at Christmas.

      The 2014 IRG TOY RUN for Father Bob was small but then it was very cold and poured raining. In spite of the weather about 250 turned up. It was a heap of fun.

      The IRG TOY RUN for Father Bob has all the required approvals and will go ahead on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

      If you are reading this please try to attend at least one TOY RUN, two if you can manage it.

      1. Damien, on the information I have I think you are not telling the truth. Glad to see that you are recommending riders attend both Toy Runs. It would be great if the IRG supported the Biggest one and we left politics out of this. IRG don’t need to run their own (that’s just my opinion).

        BTW the VMC Toy Run which will be on at Tabcorp Park in Melton and doesn’t clash with the IRG one. The event is going for a World Record attendance attempt this year.

        I’m not running it and its not my show. Would be nice to see IRG send a group to participate in the World Record attempt.

  2. Nope not going , to many wobbly once a year riders running up your ass to look out for . I’m not even sure if all you lot even have a bike.

  3. I care not for karmouche or codognotto UFO, I do however care for Father Bob and what he stands for. It is for that reason that I might well do the IRG run.

    1. John – and neither should you care for me. i am of absolutely no relevance. I just said that I was going to the biggest and the one which has the most to offer in terms of the ride and events that will be on when I get there. And I want my toys to be distributed by the Salvos.

  4. Fair dinkum!
    It’s like watching Timmy and Jimmy off South Park. You embarrass me, and would embarrass yourselves if you took the time to have a look at just how immature and pathetic you both are.
    Apart from having no idea, you have no shame…its’ a Toy Run for Father Bob, not a big blue bus where you try to outdo each other to see who can lick the most windows. Pathetic.

  5. You’re all as bad as each other. Karmouche, Codognotto, IRG. You’re all about self agrandizing, blowing your own trumpets while the rest of us watch in embarrassed horror.
    You don’t speak for most of us and it’s time you stepped off your self-appointed pedestal.

    1. Yes you are right I represent no one any more. I am not a Codognotto type. I recognised when to hand the button on to others and just be an observer.

  6. You both need to disappear from the motorcycling scene. Human rubbish, both of you. Dumb, amateurish clowns that shame motorcyclists everywhere. Trying to cloak yourselves in charitable credibility fools no-one. Piss off, the pair off you.

    1. Hello Boris. How are you my old mate? I was just saying that the biggest Toy Run this year – the one which has attracted the most riders is the one supported by VMC, FACT. Last year it made the IRG one look like a picnic. Its not mine, and I certainly don’t claim any ownership. The original charity that Codognotto chose to support when he was running them years ago was the Salvation Army. They have always been the Toy Run Charity of choice. Codognotto has chosen to go out on his own and use Father Bob. Good on him. But I just said I won’t be going to that Toy Run. I support the original chosen Toy Run Charity.

  7. Karmouche and Codognotto, this is not about you.
    Stop trying to make it about you.
    This is about Father Bob and his toy run, not about your disgustingly irrelevant egos.
    You are shameless and disgraceful.
    What a pair of blow hard old has beens , desperately trying to gain recognition and acceptance.
    Shut up and go away, the both of you.

  8. Pathetic.
    The pair of you snivelling and gurning in the shadow of a giant like Father Bob makes me cringe.
    Neither of you deserve to be associated with him or motorcycling.

    Give up, disappear into your Walter Mitty worlds and let the rest of us do what we do.
    You do not represent anyone I know, or have known, or probably will know.
    In fact, from your comments, it is obvious that you only represent yourselves.

  9. Karmouche and Codognotto should find some other ways to sure up your trembling, house of cards egos. At least the 2 of you are consistent. Consistently embarrassing and irrelevant.

  10. I’ve seen you two in action, I think you represent you’re selfs well !! You should stop getting involved in any charity for whom needs a hand in life… You know the ones you’ve been sitting on the backs off, and been saying how good am I. If either of you want to do something worth while , go to the bank pull out a weeks wage and just hand it to someone who’s homeless, walk away and shut up. …. Bet that’s not gunna happen !!!

  11. As a matter of record, as I was the MRAV President at the time, in 2012 Damien had IRG spokesperson Rodney Brown ask the MRAV for a stand at their traditional Toryun to promote the IRG. The reason given for it being declined was as the stalls were sold out by the time he’d asked. In 2013 Damien started the IRG (Father Bob) Toyrun in competition to the traditional MRAV one being run by MRAV volunteers on the same day. The IRG made no enquiry for a stand that year nor the next. In 2015 Damien offered a stand to the VMC, who had taken over the traditional toyrun, for $500 at the IRG toyrun. Then he offered it at no cost in return for a free one at the traditional Toyrun to promote the IRG. The VMC politely declined but encouraged all riders to participate in as many Toyrun’s as they can. Fortunately the dates do not clash this year. There is no animosity towards the IRG Toyrun from the VMC that I can see and they are even promoting it on the free toyrun listing website. Riders should support whichever Toyrun they choose to.

    1. I am not impressed that there is even an array of words where two people with their own agendas have hung out their dirty washing in a very public arena. This is not the way to conduct our affairs gentlemen. We have battled for years to gain recognition as equal road users as motorcyclists. Our mass protest runs gained some attention and unwanted notoriety. But it was our Toy Runs throughout Australia that gave us much needed kudos and welcomed recognition. Why, but why, are we having this discussion about who’s right, who’s wrong, which date is better, who’s is biggest, or has the most approvals, blah, blah, blah. This is the one big factor I became an independent, solo rider. I was fed up to the back teeth dealing with self centred egos, self promoted reputations, public pontificating and silly, hidden vitriolic gossiping. Please gentlemen, we are motorcyclists first and foremost and there is a Brotherhood to be reinforced. Have we forgotten these codes and prefer to promote our own agendas at the expense of those who have been the stalwarts of supporting two wheels? No more public bickering and point scoring regardless of the sweetness attached. Let us get on with supporting those less fortunate and enjoy the purpose and event whilst doing so.

  12. Another FACT from the wisdom of Karamouche.
    It takes more than 1,700 meters to stop a bike.

  13. Well how depressing it is to see not a thing has changed. It was because of the infighting, backstabbing, dubious management and the attitude of do it my way or face the consequences, (threats could vary), that I left the MRA saying I would not return until the El president left. That was around 1982, my membership number was as I recall 12. When I found out that Codognotto had been dealt with by the MRA, I tried to join again, 3 times, but my name had been fowled. I don’t know anything about Mr Kramouche so have no comment on his management skills or personality. However I know a deal on how his competitor works. My advice to Mr Karmouche, do not have anything to do with the IRG, with a membership of I believe 65 Australia wide, they are weak and doomed. On the other hand you may end up in the supreme court as Codognotto’s siblings are being forced into by damien. Love to talk a lot more, but I have suffered the consequences being dragged through the courts on several occasions for having the audacity to differ. This is not a game of King of the castle and there would be a lot more members for the cause if the reputation of instability was dealt with.

  14. You two idiots should join up with Harold Scruby and make it a complete circle jerk of irrelevancy. As a rider of 45 years I’ve seen many of your ‘representative’ types come and go.
    So just go.

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