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Touratech offers breathable seats

Touratech Dri Ride breathable seat
Touratech Dri Ride breathable seat

Touratech claims their Dri Ride Breathable seats are more comfortable and will keep you dry when you get hot in the saddle this summer.

Let’s face it, if your backside isn’t comfortable, then you aren’t comfortable and your riding suffers.

Unfortunately, too many motorcycle manufacturers make stock seats with cheap foam, even on expensive models.

They are so uncomfortable you are forced to buy their “comfort” option or buy one from an aftermarket seat company.

Touratech is a German company that makes a range of adventure and touring motorcycle accessories including these seats.

They claim their Dri Ride Breathable seats feature three important functions (in their words):

  1. Touratech Vapor-Flow Technology allows your body’s moisture to pass through your riding gear, down through the seat fabric and into the breathable membrane. The moisture then escapes through the sides of the seat, leaving you dry and comfortable.
  2. Although the seat is breathable (allowing moisture vapour to pass through the fabric) the tight structure of the Rain-Block Fabric forces water droplets to bead up and roll off the seat. It’s completely waterproof.
  3. Touratech has developed Ergo-Response Long-Distance Foam, which is tuned for comfort and designed to hold you in the optimal riding position. Ergo-Response technology keeps you on top of the saddle, not sunken down into it. The foam core is sculpted in a way that ensures there’s no pressure on the coccyx (tail-bone) and your weight is supported evenly for all-day comfort. The longer you ride, the better if feels.

Touratech Dr Ride breathable seatTouratech Australia has the DriRide seats available online for many touring and adventure motorcycles, in various heights and also in passenger models.

Prices range from $738 on the Triumph Tiger Explorer to $1069 on the Africa Twin.

We haven’t tested the Touratech seats, but we have found that breathable material used in other seats and temporary seat covers does improve comfort levels.

the claim about being “totally waterproof” is interesting in conjunction with being able to “breathe”. We have tested a lot of products that claims to be both waterproof and breathable and have yet to confirm any of the claims.