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Tougher bail conditions for hit-run driver

hit-run courts court

Bail conditions have been toughened for a Sydney woman committed to stand trial after driving her car on the wrong side of the road and crashing into a motorcycle, injuring the rider and his pillion.

Molly Cahill (pictured above), 22, of Sans Souci appeared in Sutherland Local Court yesterday (17 September 2019) on two charges of dangerous driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, failing to stop and render assistance after impact and not keeping left of a dividing line.

Her original bail conditions of a strict curfew, passport confiscation and daily reports to police have now been expanded.

She has also been ordered not to enter any international points departure, ave at a specific address, not take any drugs or alcohol unless prescribed by a doctor and not occupy the driver’s seat of any vehicle.

A brief committal hearing will be held in the Sutherland Local Court on October 8.

The injured rider is Tony Nissirios, 38, and his pillion was his female partner Sam, 26. They were transported to St George Hospital.


The crash scene (All images: Channel 7 Sydney) committed committed conditions
The crash scene (All images: Channel 7 Sydney)

Tony suffered multiple leg fractures and Sam had a broken wrist. Their current conditions are not confirmed at this stage but it was feared Tony would need his leg amputated.

Police will allege Cahill was driving a Peugeot hatchback on the wrong side of Forest Road in Peakhurst about 1.20am (Monday 8 April 2019) when she hit the motorcycle head-on.

The rider and pillion were thrown from the bike and suffered multiple fractures.

Police will allege the driver left the scene, dumped her car nearby and texted “I think I’ve hit someone”.

She was later arrested at her Sans Souci home and taken to Kogarah Police Station.

  1. Absolute idiot, how did she get her licence. That’s the problem in Australia, we worry more about the theory exam instead of practical. She obviously doesn’t have the skill to drive a motor vehicle and should never sit behind the wheel.

  2. Tougher bail conditions are an excellent start. I do believe this cowardly act of fleeing an accident, no matter the circumstances, needs to be punished hard. A motorised vehicle is not a toy and driving is not a game. People need to show some compassion and care for their fellow human beings.

    Made a mistake? Own up to it. Accept the consequences. Accept the huge responsibility you have when driving… every single time you get out there on the road, car, bike, truck, or whatever your mode happens to be.

    Everyone wants to get to the end of their trip without being injured or killed, and without injuring or killing anyone else.

  3. They claim speed cameras save lives, how do they do that again?
    Did a speed camera jump out like superman and grab the vehicle being driven by an imbecile?
    Motorcycles are actually the safest vehicles because very few imbeciles ride them for very long at least but they have no problem getting into a drivers seat.

  4. This crap really pissed me off. This girl will have mummy and daddy’s San Souci money thrown at the most expensive lawyer they can afford to get their princess off this terrible crime. Instead of making her suffer for her actions in prison…. she deserves jail time but will only get a slap on the wrist.
    This entitled little bitch is a product of poor parenting and for her to not walk into the police station of her own accord, shows her lack of character and integrity…..something her parents obviously never taught her.

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