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Top 10 motorcycles for college students

Jawa Classic Legends
Jawa Forty Two

(Contributed post for our Indian college readers)

Who said that car is the best means of transportation? College students can make a choice in favor of motorbikes that provide the same speed and save you from traffic jams.

Top 10 motorbikes to consider in college

The time you spend in college is probably one of the brightest and enjoyable periods in your life. College is always about fun, parties, meeting new people, vacations, parties again and other entertainment stuff. Of course, you should not forget about studies as it is your primary goal and your future success depends on your academic performance. Being busy or lazy, you can always pay someone to do math homework or take care of your papers choosing a service based on essay writing service reviews.

However, college is the time when we are open up to discovering something new, look for adventures, burst with energy and have an urge to explore our opportunities. Here is when a two-wheeler can become a great companion in this journey due to its mobility and convenience.

Best bikes to afford in college

Delegating your assignments to reliable writing agencies that can be found looking through top essay services reviews (pay special attention to speedy paper reviews as one of the best in this field), you can devote your spare time to planning trips and increasing your popularity in college due to your new two-wheeler friend. Motorcycles are agile, convenient and very fast when it comes to speed so they can become a great solution for those who don’t like spending hours in traffic jams. Besides, they are light on pocket and can be affordable for an average college student. Just look at these models:

KTM 250 Duke and RC 250
KTM 250 Duke and RC 250
  1. KTM 250 Duke. A lively and quick model, this bike comes with 24 Nm of torque and 248.8 liquid-cooled engine that allows you to handle confidently. This is a good choice if you buy a motorcycle for the first time;
  2. KTM RC 200. This model is designed specifically for those who want to become popular with the help of a motorbike. It looks gorgeous, has a perfect riding position and is also a great choice when it comes to paying off the bill. You can count on its 25.4 bhp power and 19.2 Nm torque;
  3. Yamaha YZF R 15. This is one of the most good-looking and affordable bikes when it comes to the combination of speed and money. Its version 3.0 comes with a 155 liquid-cooled engine, braking stability and 14.7 Nm torque which allows you to have an exciting ride;
  4. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X. For a student’s budget, this model fits perfectly. Due to the blacked-out engine, it looks almost mean and aggressive and it is well contrasted with white and red colors on the fuel tank. It has assertive braking and air-cooled motor with 346cc;
    Jawa Classic Legends revival
    Jawa 42
  5. Jawa 42. A well-known Czech brand, Jawa is made in a neo-retro style with the matte paint scheme and complemented by the high quality with minimum chrome use. It is powered by 28 Nm torque and 293 cc engine;
  6. Bajaj Dominar 400. It is probably one of the most powerful motorcycles an average student can afford (at least, at the moment of publishing of this article). Compared to the previous models, it is not only more powerful and affordable but also faster and eats less fuel;
  7. Royal Enfield Classic 350. It can offer a loud exhaust, retro look, high quality and enjoyable rides based on the five-speed gearbox and 346 cc engine;
    Royal Enfield Classic 350
    Royal Enfield Classic 350
  8. Suzuki Gixxer SF. Say hello to this model as your future companion in adventures. Its design is based on older and more powerful models but it still looks good and is built with quality;
  9. Yamaha FZ-S FI (version 3.0). This model is often called the king of the streets and we are not exaggerating. The overall body of the motorcycle tells people about its power and speed and 12.8 Nm torque proves this statement;
  10. TVS Apache RTR 160 (version 4). This model can offer you enough speed without burning a hole in your wallet. It has an aggressive look and a powerful engine for all your college trips.