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Tips on choosing the right tourist spots in Cebu City

tourist cebu city Philippines

One place worth visiting in the Philippines is Cebu City, a place with rich history and culture.

It’s the second largest city in the country after Manila and has white sand beaches, great cultural sites, good food and great hotels. A visit to Cebu can be relaxing, fun, and adventurous especially for bike lovers.

The following tips are a guide to choosing the right tourist spot in Cebu city:

Do Prior Bookings

Before you travel to Cebu, you should prior bookings and have everything set once you get there. For essay booking, you can start by looking up for offers and rates online present on the season you are touring the Philippines.

Once you have settled for something you can make reservations using a credit card. This includes accommodation and mode of transport to use. Cebu has lavish and beautiful hotels, for easy location you can look up for Southpole Central Hotel’s List of Tourist Spots in Cebu City online and choose one that suits you. There are variety modes of transport in Cebu city both on water and lands.

A motorbike can be more convenient on land since it helps you manoeuvre from one part of the town to another without being held on the traffic jam.

Do Extensive Research

Mystery is a key to adventure but prior knowledge is also important especially if you have never been in a place before. You can look up online on types of motorbikes for rental to use once you get to Cebu and how you can book and rent them for a day or so.

If you love bikes and you are scared of moving around town on your own you look up if it’s possible to have a motorbike guide to show you around. Moreover, research on places to visit like the islands and the types of activities done there so that you can plan what to carry as you travel. For example, if you plan to beach hope then you can carry some beautiful beach wear to put on.

Consider Touring the City using a Motorbike

Cebu is a town rich with history and culture that’s why at times it’s referred to as the queen of the south. The following religious and historical places can easily be toured using a bike.

  • Magellan’s cross is a religious site housed inside a dome. It depicts Cebu’s history as one of the ancient civilisation catholic converts in the entire Philippines.
  • Cebu Taoist temple is a home of artefacts related to religion. It was built by the Chinese community. It’s a place you can watch a traditional Chinese prayer.
  • Temple of Leah was built by a man as a symbol of undying love for his late wife. It has magnificent exterior designed extracted from the Greek philosophers and the statue of David.

In conclusion, Cebu is a beautiful island that is worth tourist visitation. The fun is intense for motorbike lovers since the city is navigable using a bike. Moreover, you don’t have to come with your bike but, you can easily rent one or a scooter from local agencies. A visit to Cebu is fun an memorable.

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