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Tips for the best motorcycle speakers

Motorcycle speakers

Many riders are mixing their love of riding and music by wearing Bluetooth headsets in their helmets and now Bluetooth speakers are being added to bikes.

While we love riding to our favourite tracks, we are not big fans of speakers on motorcycles.

They tend to be inaudible above the wind noise at highway speeds or when wearing a full-face helmet.

They can also be embarrassing if you pull up at the traffic lights and the pedestrians catch you listening to The Carpenters’ Greatest Hits!

But some riders love them and many big touring bikes feature speakers.

Now Bluetooth technology is making it easier for riders to add speakers to smaller motorcycles.

YouthTune founder Erin Taylor says Bluetooth speakers mean there are no messy wires to hide.

Erin Taylor Motorcycle speakers
Erin Taylor

“One of the bluetooth motorcycle speakers that come to mind is this product from Shark. It has a continuous power handling of about 65W and a maximum wattage of 150.

“The speakers are waterproof although the peripherals are not, so you have to cover them with some plastic.

Shark Bluetooth speakers
Shark Bluetooth speakers

“You can also play songs through it using an SD card, flash drive, 3.5 mm compatible music devices, and Bluetooth.

“The downside of this product though is its short cables, especially for the remote. But that should not be much of a problem because it also comes with a wireless one.”

There are plenty of Bluetooth motorcycle speakers now on the market from as low as $100 with 600 watts of power, such as these from Boss. Just make sure if you put them on the handlebars they do not obscure the instruments or your controls.

Boss speakers

She also suggests that if you are adding speakers to your motorcycle or upgrading the original speakers on your tourer, you should go “loud”.

“The best motorcycle speakers should have at least 300 watts RMS,” she says.

“The higher the wattage, the higher the possibility of having loud music with minimal distortion.”

Erin also recommends the speakers be waterproof, not just weatherproof.

She says space is also a problem with installing motorcycle speakers.

“One way you can save space is by choosing motorcycle speakers with a pre-loaded amp,” she says.

“Choose speakers that allow for portable devices as the audio source.”

Erin also suggests the speakers have controls which are easy to use and not a distraction when riding.

Another feature you can find is the docking station for your device. This will ensure your gadget doesn’t run out of juice while playing your favourite songs.”

  1. My bike has speakers with radio and built-in connector for device and I have turned it on exactly 3 time in the 15 months I have had the bike, once to see if the radio works, (it does) and the other two times when I pressed the wrong control while riding. I do not consider listening to music while riding to be a high priority in my life.

  2. I have had a radio and speakers fitted and they are nice in traffic especially when you’re not a fan of loud pipes and I do have the Carpenters greatest hits on my sd card. I would often get yelled at by drivers to turn the music down when stopped at lights. This was before bluetooth came to the party so I had a GME marine radio that was very small and had about 5 watts rms so it went into a amp and a pair of 5″ hundred watt speakers which made it just audible below 90kph .
    Although I still have the radio and speakers the bike they were fitted to has been replaced a couple of times already but thanks to a bluetooth headset they are just collecting dust in a box.
    Beware PMPO watts output BS it’s marketing hype and can cause you to waste your money. You will see systems with 1800 watt PMPO stickers on them and everywhere else to try and trick you but don’t fall for it what counts is RMS and depending how they do the measurement that PMPO could simply be the highest power spike as measured at the wall socket. I looked at one big flashy sound system on sale at a department store that 1200 watts PMPO stuck all over it I found the manual and in the fine print it said 25 watt RMS.

  3. That seems like a lot of farnarkling about. I just stream downloads from Spotify from my iphone to the Sena speakers in my helmet via bluetooth. Works a treat.

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