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The World’s First Tattooed Motorcycle

Inked Up and Ready to Ride

Tattoos and motorcycles go pretty well together. They have for a long time. Because of this, the guys at Game Over Cycles decided to do something special. They built the world’s first tattooed motorcycle. The custom build is based on a Harley-Davidson Heritage model. The bike has a sidecar, tons of custom parts designed to look like they came from a tattoo machine, and a lot of tattoos. It’s called The Recidivist.

Okay, so you can’t actually tattoo metal, so the bike has been completely and artfully wrapped in a thin layer of cowhide leather. In the video below the voiceover says the light color of the leather looks a lot like human skin. I found this to come off very serial-killer-ish, but I get the connection.

In short, this is a wonderful work of art. It’s interesting and different. Even if you don’t like it you have to acknowledge the craftsmanship and the time and effort that went into making the bike. According to Game Over Cycles, more than 3,000 hours went into the construction of the bike. Another 2,500 hours went into tattooing the leather on the creation. 

The buy it now price is $1 million on eBay. I think that’s asking a lot for a showroom piece, but the right buyer with a proclivity for tattoos and Harley-Davidson motorcycles might think differently than I. Check out the images and video below to see what all is on this bike.