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The Segway eMoped C80 Is Now Available for Pre-Order

Segway's First Smart eBike

Segway C80

50 Miles of Range

Segway keeps adding to its electric moped lineup. Now it has the C80 eMoped. The moped came after a successful IndieGoGo campaign. The campaign reached 2,120 percent of its fundraising goal.

The C80 will do 80 kilometers per charge, which means it will do 50 miles. The scooter will do 20 mph as a top speed, and that means it’s an urban commuting machine. The bike weighs just 121 pounds, so it will be easy to maneuver. The C80 also gets some smartphone connectivity. The bike also has some pedals in addition to the 24 Ah battery and the electric motor.

Segway C80

The scooter also has the RideyGo! intelligent system. This means the scooter will automatically lock when you leave it somewhere. It will lock after three seconds. This is a smart anti-theft system.

The pre-order reduced price for a single C80 is $1,899. You can buy more than one at once, too, and save even more money. There are also accessories you can add including a detachable front basket, detachable backrest, and a detachable child front seat. It also has smart seat detection, auto-lock mode, and auto cruise.