The Pursang Electric Scrambler Looks Awesome


It Will Come Out in May

Pursang is a new electric motorcycle company started by Jim Palau-Ribes. He has two scramblers that are fully electric. The first is the 2020 Pursang E-Track, which will launch in May. The second is the Pursange E-Street, which is still in the works. The company hasn’t set a release date on it, but it’ll likely come in 2021.

The bikes are some of the best-looking electric motorcycles I’ve seen yet. The Purang E-Track features a carbon-fiber body, 11kW Bosch motor and a battery that can provide 99 miles of range. The bike can go 74.5 miles per hour. It weighs 324 pounds. The MSRP is $14,776. 

The Pursang E-Street will be the mass-market model. It has a 6kW Bosch motor. The range is 62 miles per charge, and the top speed is 62 mph. It weighs just 291 pounds and will have an MSRP of about $9,383. This motorcycle has a removable battery for easier charging. It could make for a very good commuter motorcycle.

These bikes don’t have groundbreaking specs, but they’re not bad. The fact that the bike looks really cool helps a lot, too. Pursang is doing a lot right here, and I look forward to the release of the motorcycles.

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  1. geoff davies
    February 21, 2020

    all the electric bikes coming out all look cool to have or drive.the recharging issue will never go away with me until that is sorted.

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