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The Norton Superlight SS has a Supercharged 650 Twin

Norton Superlight SS

Nothing Like a Superfast Norton

Fresh off the news that Norton Motorcycles has a new mystery investor, the company has now revealed a new motorcycle. The Superlight SS with a new frame and a more powerful engine. The bike gets a supercharged engine and should be super fast. 

Norton’s Superlight SS is a standard Superlight with carbon fiber everywhere and a supercharger on the engine. It’s a simple-sounding formula, but one that was probably pretty tough to pull off. The company replaced the aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber one. This cuts 47 percent of the frame’s weight away from the bike. You’re looking at a motorcycle with a dry weight of 350 pounds.

The suspension and brakes are the same on the Superlight SS as they are on the standard Superlight. You get Öhlins NIX30 fork and a TTXGP adjustable shock. The brakes come from Brembo.

Norton took its 650cc parallel-twin engine and attached a supercharger to it this added 71 hp for a grand total of 177 hp. That engine mates to a quick shift transmission from the V4 motorcycle. Norton will build only 50 of the Superlight SS. The model has a price tag of $64,700. It’s not cheap, but then rare and fast motorcycles never are.