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The Best Apartment Amenities for Motorcyclists

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Let’s face it, not every apartment is motorcycle friendly, and some seem to forget that motorcycles even exist. Motorcycle awareness is an issue that needs to be addressed over time, but for now, our best bet is finding apartments that have motorcycle friendly amenities. The more successful that these facilities are, the more likely it is that other apartment communities will take notice and include similar amenities. So what should you look for when moving into a new apartment? Let’s find out.

Parking with Motorcycle Space

If you don’t have somewhere to park your bike, you’re going to struggle. Some apartments hand out parking passes for each resident. If you have two passes and you live alone, you can use one for your motorcycle and one for your vehicle. However, if they only allow one parking space, you’ll have to find other options.

If parking is open, make sure that there are designated parking spots for motorcycles. If the parking spots are large enough or if there is a carport, you may be able to park your bike parallel in the back and then pull your car into the spot. Alternatively, if you own a pickup truck, get a ramp and park the bike directly in the back of the truck.

Motorcycle Storage Locations

If you live in a climate where you can’t ride your bike year-round, you’re going to have to find a storage spot for your bike. Ideally, your apartment will have additional on-site storage that is large enough to house a motorcycle. This is usually limited to upscale apartments.

If there is nothing on-site, you may need to make sure there is an affordable nearby storage facility available for use. If you get in a bind, you can probably store your motorcycle in your apartment if it can fit, but you’ll need to check your apartment guidelines before doing so.

Protected or Gated Garages

Unfortunately, even the best areas have the possibility of theft, and we all know how nerve-racking it can be to leave your bike out in the open. As a result, we should limit our apartment search to communities with gated or closed garages. Most luxury apartments have this as a standard option. As an added bonus, a garage will protect your motorcycle and vehicles from potential harsh weather. 

Frequent Community Events

It can be great to meet other motorcyclists in your apartment community and find a group to ride with. Many communities host barbecues, move nights, family events, and more.

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