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Sydney reduces CBD motorcycle parking

Sydney motorcycle parking petition Emma MacIver
Emma launches petition

Sydney has reduced CBD kerbside parking to accommodate bus, pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, prompting a petition for more motorcycle parking space.

Petition organiser and commuter rider Emma MacIver (pictured above) says the city is lagging behind Melbourne and the rest of the world and Motorcycle Council of NSW parking subcommittee delegate Warren Cartledge says council’s lack of consultation with riders on the issue is “disappointing”.

Emma’s petition has gained more than 1100 signatures in three weeks with virtually no publicity.

Click here to sign her petition and make council pay attention!

She points out that about 100 riders were recently fined $257 each in the Barangaroo zone in the CBD because of the reduction in available parking spaces.Sydney motorcycle parking petition

“That’s $25,700 in revenue from fines for the City of Sydney from one motorbike parking zone in one day,” she says.

“How does City of Sydney justify e-bikes being dumped anywhere in the city, obstructing foot traffic, yet motorcyclists are fined at the first opportunity?”

‘No plans’ for motorcycles

City of Sydney infrastructure spokesman says the reduction of kerbside parking is part of the Sydney City Centre Access Strategy and they have no plans to increase motorbike parking in the CBD but points out that available metered parking is free to motorcycles.

Instead of increasing commuter parking, the City is committed to policies that help limit unsustainable growth in vehicle traffic. The City is advocating walking, cycling and public transport to encourage a shift away from private vehicle transport,” he says. 

However, Warren points out that a recent MCC NSW survey found that 33% of riders commuting daily to the CBD would switch to a car if motorcycle parking was no longer available.

“This in turn would lead to more congestion on the CBD road network and create more pollution within the CBD,” he says.

Emma has written to council pointing out that scooters and motorcycles significantly reduce road congestion and are much more eco-friendly than cars.

Sydney motorcycle parking petition Emma MacIver

“We are part of the congestion solution, not the problem,” she says.

“By reducing the number of motorcycle spaces, you are increasing congestion by forcing riders into cars as seen in the MCC’s survey.

“More people would switch to cars than public transport due to lack of viable parking. You can park up to 10 motorcycles in the space of one car.”

She also points out that the number of people riding to the CBD has increased in recent years, yet the City of Sydney is “actively reducing accommodation for riders”.

Sydney lacks consultation

Warren says councillors at a recent City of Sydney Neighbourhood Parking Policy meeting promised to consult with the MCC NSW before making decisions on parking.

“During that meeting I stated the the MCC would be more than happy to actively and collaboratively work with the COS to identify areas that would be suitable for motorcycle parking in the CBD that did not detract from the city’s plans,” he says.

Emma has also asked to be involved in parking discussions saying the city has “completely neglected and discriminated against thousands of people who commute to the CBD each day”.

“Significantly more consideration and dialogue must be had on this issue,” she says.

  1. The trouble with public transport in the Sydney metro area is that it just does not work. Try getting from Macarthur to Caringbah, or Macarthur to Ermington by public transport – you are looking at 2 hours for distances of 25 km as the crow flies. That is why people use private transport, and that is why we need parking in the metro area. The Clement Lims of this world that promote “walking, cycling and public transport to encourage a shift away from private vehicle transport” cannot seem to get that into their thick skulls. Either that or they take joy in making people’s lives miserable.

  2. Many lower income restaurant and hospitality workers live in outer suburbs poorly served by public transport when they finish at 1.00am. So they ride motorcycles and scooters. What about the workers!?

  3. In Victoria, motorcycles can park on footpaths and motorways are free which encourages people to ride instead of adding to congestion by driving a car

  4. Look up at the freeway to nowhere hovering 10 metres above the Barangaroo bike parking shamozzle, if they built an access ramp there is plenty of unused space available.

    1. Brillant Idea! As an Architect, I might draw that up. U don’t even need a ramp, its level access from Napoleon st if you build a bike only hanging bridge of the existing structure.

      1. I used to work at Kent St Westpac, as a Motorcyclist I’d also seen this and wondered why they didnt make it a bike park. Charge a $1 a day and give the money to charity.

  5. I’d like to see you park cars on that order and not cause massive delays to everyone in that area. everyone that writes these articles are usually people who are too scared to ride a motorbike. they’d rather take up more space.

  6. I got booked parking outside the old lands building last week in Bridge Street. some bikes were booked and others not. I was in a half sized alcove.
    any suggestions on getting off the fine of $263!

  7. Why don’t we adopt the same motorbike parking strategy as Melbourne’s? – bikes can park on sidewalks as long as you’re not impeding pedestrians or service access (manholes, traffic light boxs etc). It works so so well. – it’s such a vibrant city centre at all times and the bikes just add to the casual charm. Sydney is becoming more and more exclusionary in the CBD.

    1. The city of Sydney has changed their website which previously didn’t mention that the rocks, darling harbour, and prymont does not fall under their jurisdiction. I received a parking fine for parking a motorcycle and not paying on Cumberland street outside a city of Sydney recreation centre because the parking meters belong to a private company and not the city of Sydney.

      1. I got booked along with about 8 others last night in the bike only zone in the rocks. Zone ends at 6pm and then is 4 hour meter parking. Got done at 7.23pm. previously under Sydney Council Laws no meter fee payable. now this has changed. but Website just states part of the rocks etc. The link does not link to an exact map and it says to check signs. Signs are no different to any other signs across the city.
        I am complaining to council. will take this all the way. How can you affix a meter ticket to he bike without it being blown or washed away. I have seen a massive increase in the number of rangers in the rocks and they must be on a commission for the gov’t authority.

        1. I have lodged a complaint to city of Sydney as well as request a review of my infringement. The ranger said because it’s a metered parking not ticket that will be their argument against your last point. Other points I have raise is the same as yours being there is not indication that the road is not managed by the city of Sydney and no proper notification on the changes for motorcycles. I also plan to take this all the way. Keen to keep in touch to know your outcome

  8. I was fined on Tuesday $272. I thought the Clearway started at 3.30pm, not 3pm. There was no alternative at all for me

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