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Is Suzuki planning a retro cafe racer?

Is Suzuki planning a retro cafe racer

Suzuki has lodged patents drawings that suggest a retro cafe racer model with a trellis frame and single-cylinder engine to catch up with other manufacturers plundering this lucrative sector.

While most manufacturers have retro models such as cafe racers and scramblers, Suzuki only has the reincarnated Katana and the lovely, but too-small TU250X.

Customiser have mainly used old GS Suzuki models to create retro cafe racers. Maybe Suzuki has been watching and now plans to follow their lead.

Retro cafe racer drawings

The patent drawings show a very basic motorcycle with a trellis frame that would make it much easier to customise which many retro buyers seem to do.

On top is very short seat and no tail which would obviously never make it to market. Let’s just say it’s unfinished, but certainly a target that some customisers would aim for.

The tank looks very neo-classic with its knee indents and retro lines with a flattish top.

It seems to have a nice short wheel base, steep rake in the forks and rearset footpegs, indicating a cafe racer stance.

There are no handlebars yet, but we would assume it would take clip-ons.

The compact engine is a single-cylinder unit. The patent description talks about “a crankcase, a cylinder and a cylinder head”.Is Suzuki planning a retro cafe racer

Perhaps it would be around 400cc, vying for that novice market that wants a good balance in a light bike with moderate power.

So it’s not a high-powered cafe racer as the single disc on the front would also suggest.

Of particular interest is the header pipe which curls around before heading down the right side, probably ending at a stubby muffler since it is not visible beyond the engine.

New to Suzuki is the triangular swingarm. It looks quite bulky and sturdy for a bike that looks to be fairly light.

But don’t get too excited yet.

Patent drawings don’t necessarily end up being complete new models.

It might simply be an exercise in securing the patent some of these elements.

Would you like Suzuki to produce a retro cafe racer? Leave your comments below.