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Sunshine Coast TT reaps rewards

Yamaha MT-10
Yamaha MT-10

The planned Sunshine Coast International TT (SSCITT) is already reaping financial rewards for Maleny even before it has been approved by the authorities.

Yamaha Motor Australia is this week staging a launch of their MT-10 naked motorcycle on the roads that have been proposed as the TT circuit.

YMA director and GM Steven Cotterell lives in Maleny and is a big supporter of the TT, according to spokesman Sean Goldhawk.

The launch has invited two groups of 10 motorcycle journalists which includes three Kiwis. There will also be four Yamaha staff, one photographer and two videographers.

All will need to be fed, fuelled and accommodated in Maleny, injecting much-needed tourist dollars into the community.

“We love the idea of the Sunshine Coast TT but also the weather is a factor – too cold down south,” Sean says.

The Yamaha launch is not the first, nor the last, motorcycle launch to be held in the region.

Motorbike Writer will attend the launch which also allows the journos to ride the entire fleet of Masters of Torque bikes (MT-03, MT-07LA, MT-07HO, MT-09 and MT-10) on the challenging and scenic roads.

We’ve also attended launches in the past of bikes from Honda, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, BMW and Husqvarna in the region.

MBW near Maleny on the Harley Switchback launch rewards
MBW near Maleny on the Harley Switchback launch

Even more launches are bound to be held there after the SSCITT increases worldwide exposure for the region.

SSCITT promoter David Rollins says the planned event in December 2017 would be similar to the famous Isle of Man TT and attract top-class international riders.

Sunshine Coast Council is yet to approve the event which David estimates would inject more than $8.5 million in financial rewards for the local economy.

His plans have been met with both local supporter and protest groups, while a petition of support has already gained more than 5000 signatures.

Rachel Schofield, who organised the Maleny Supports SCITT Motorbike Race Facebook page, says the Yamaha launch is “great news” that will reap financial rewards for the region.

Sunshine Coast TT challenges
Sweeping bends on Stanley River Rd (Photo Ian Beaton)

“It’s proof positive of the many untapped benefits to Maleny and surrounds in having these fantastic roads for riding,” she says.

“This level of exposure, due to the TT race proposal, can only be seen as a positive.

“The Hinterland could soon be experiencing a financial upturn for the community, even before the Sunshine Coast International TT has been approved.

“The potential long-term benefits beyond this are immense for Maleny in particular; job creation, infrastructure improvements, rise in property values, increasingly profitable local businesses and global exposure for local producers, like Maleny Dairies.

“Maleny supports this so the Sunshine Coast Events Board should be snapping it up.”


  1. Hi Mark. Great to hear of small events such as media launches being held in the Hinterlands. We have a booming small event industry. I’m not sure if you are aware but we also are heaving with tourist trade up here so a claim of “much needed tourist dollars” is fiction.

    As for the TT, that’s a serous piece of fiction. I’m not surprised YMA are using the proposal for PR attention but the fact is the TT just won’t happen up here. MA won’t approve it. I’m very worried about the bad name Rollins is giving motorcyclists and motorsports as he blunders along. That gofundme page is the perfect example. Luckily some legit motorsports experts are speaking up. Don’t contribute to this shitstorm, Mark.

  2. Hi Mark,
    I’m not sure if you are aware but there is a growing groundswell of local residents and business owners who do not want this race in the Maleny and hinterland area. I know you love motorcycles and motorcycle racing but if you wish to maintain your integrity you would not be openly promoting this event which is being strongly opposed by the local community. The promoter of this event has been very unprofessional and does not seem to be garnering much support even from within the motorcycling community. We get that you love our roads – they are pretty stunning – that’s why we live here! 🙂 We are very happy for motorcyclists who respect local residents and the road rules to ride on our roads. We will not tolerate speeding motorcyclists endangering the lives of local residents – sadly this is something that we are already experiencing as a direct result of Mr Rollins announcing the proposed event. If I were you I would be quickly disassociating with Mr Rollins and I would be thinking twice before promoting an event that is unlikely to happen.

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