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Store your gun in motorcycle vault!

Motorcycle gun vault
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There may little call for it here, but one American company has created a special motorcycle vault to store your valuables such as a wallet, phone and even a gun!

Console Vault who make vaults fr all sorts of vehicles says they are in the “peace of mind business”.

I’m not sure that carrying a gun in a vault on your motorcycle would provide me with a lot of peace of mind.

They say demand for in-vehicle protection is being driven by the “significant increase in firearm purchases” and a rise in “smash and grab” thefts.

Grab your gun!Motorcycle gun vault

However, the very nature of a “smash and grab” means it is quick. I’m not sure how quickly you could access your gun in this vault as you would have to pull over, unlock the vault and then get the gun out.

I should also point out that carrying a gun on a motorcycle in a vault could contravene even the lax gun rules in some states of America where you cannot conceal a weapon.

The latest $US399 (about $A560) Console Vault Motorcycle Safe is the first unit they have designed for 2014 or newer Harley-Davidson baggers.

The company plans to introduce new vaults for more motorcycle makes and models.

Each motorcycle safe is built with heavy gauge steel with a choice of three unique locking mechanisms.

They say they can be quickly and easily installed and fits in the saddle bag “without compromising the profile, balance or riding integrity of the motorcycle”.

Console Vault was established in 2002 in Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Probably not a legal issue most places. When I lived in the US you could carry a gun in a lockbox (if fact, where I worked it was a requirement that it was in a lockbox in the truck before you got to security).
    I did also have a concealed carry permit, but that only related to “on your person” and not in a vehicle
    Different States do have different rules though, so check!

    1. Yes, stay away. America is often too free for Euro’s, we don’t want to startle them with the sudden lack of authoritarian rules to ‘guide’ them in living their life.

      Better for us, safer for you to just stay somewhere you can’t own things.

      1. …Are you honestly that naive that you believe that nonsense? Most of the known world has more liberties than the US (Access to healthcare, for example).

        Anyways, thankfully you guys don’t need to be guided down there… Right as your own president bans a social media platform that was embarrassing him.

        1. Someone’s drinking the crap Koolaid their deficient governments are serving.
          US state run hospitals can’t refuse care to anyone regardless of regardless of income or lack thereof, including those in the US illegally.
          But, go ahead hate us. Just don’t come crying when another global bully is giving you a spanking .

  2. I’ve noticed that my Aldi leather motorcycle jacket has a “concealed carry” pocket in it. Fits my phone perfectly.

  3. Traveled throughout the US with my firearms for decades. Would not have it any other way. It’s obvious that Tristan’s travels have never brought him into close contact with a Brown bear or worse someone who wants to do you harm.
    I’m sure you wear a helmet and gear so that you’re prepared for an accident? Don’t object to riders in the States who are free to exercise their Constitutionaly guaranteed right to self defense.

    1. They’ll never get it; they surrendered too many rights, too long ago, to understand it. Ultimately, Americans want to be left alone, and Euro’s want to be protected. It’s a fundamental difference in mindset. “Bleeting for safety”, rather than, “howling for freedom.”

      Keep in mind-England is currently seeing a surge in ‘knife crime’, and suffering terrorist attacks with machetes in broad daylight; a defenseless populace is a terrible thing.

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