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Spy Shots Show an Awesome Royal Enfield KX650

The new Royal Enfield 650cc parallel twin engine.

Royal Enfield Expanding the 650 Lineup

Royal Enfield is killing it right now, and its focus is now on global expansion. The company has well-liked bikes and a strong following in India. Outside of its home country, the brand is becoming more and more respected, and new bikes are on the horizon. The KX650 could be the next 650cc model that comes out and ZigWheels recently shared some spy shots of the bike.

What the spy shots show is a cruiser-style motorcycle with a 650cc engine that’s pulled from the INT650. The bike is very similar to the Concept KX that Royal Enfield showed off a while back. However, the bike that was recently spotted looks far closer to a production model than the concept did. 

The bike is mostly blacked out, but there are some things you can easily see, including an upside-down front fork, dual shocks in the rear, disc brakes with dual-piston calipers up front, and what looks like a single piston in the rear. Of course, power is expected to be very similar to the INT650, so this bike won’t be a powerhouse, but it will have commendable power.

It’s unclear when this could go into production. I’m sure COVID-19 pushed the release date for this bike back somewhat. It will be interesting to see what happens with this motorcycle.